My Ex Just Called

My Ex Just Called

Pure Poetry

Pure Poetry

Balmain short jacket

Erdem jacquard pants

Gold wrist watch
$130 –

The Lady is a Flower

The Lady is a Flower

Temperley London boho dress
$2,675 –

Man bag
$22 –

Marni bracelet
$255 –

Kenneth Jay Lane pearl jewelry

First Day of Summer

First Day of Summer

First Day of Summer

The Ivory Shoe

So a dear friend’s daughter of mine is headed to prom and in need of the perfect shoe to match her lovely black mermaid style dress. It is fashioned with all black crepe in the background and an accent of ivory beads and fine lace along the front of the bodice. It’s actually quite a stunning piece of work. But with the bold black statement holding the majority of the eyes attention and the delicate implication of the cream detail I felt that an added accompaniment of a shoe in an identical color would make the quintessential  statement needed. However, the thing is that she lives in Chicago and that makes it just a tad bit difficult for us to actually get to get together and exchange ideas. So I thought I would do a post on what shoe options she would choose from just to give her a place to start looking, as well as bridal and formal options for others as well. Here are some of the foot fancies I thought would style nicely with a dress fit for a princess or a queen.





Menbur Julia Peep Toe Pump $153

Menbur Julia Peep Toe Pump $153 here



Rene Caovilla Pump here  Badgley Mischka Kiara Pump here

I fell for both of these shoes immediately- the exaggerated beading on the D’Orsay  sling-back pump was staggering and the simplest peep toe platform gets a boost of excitement from an adornment of carefully sculpted rhinestones nestled on the back.




Blue by Betsey Johnson Corey Ivory Satin Beaded Caged Heels $129

Blue by Betsey Johnson Corey Beaded Caged Heel $129 here

Love the symmetry on this shoe hence its wayward strap structure and the added bead work is a definite plus.

Rene Caovilla Embellished Lace Halter Pump

Rene Caovilla Embellished Halter Lace Pump $1125 here

Although this darling is somewhat of a stretch in terms of price point for most, in the aspect of design aesthetic and utmost craftsmanship it begs to be featured.

Lola Cruz  Tie Pump

Lola Cruz Tie Pump $140 here

Don’t think for one moment that the subtle tie strap on this pair make them any less of a style maker than their former counter parts; judging by the laser cut detail and amber hued gem enchantments they entail, they make every bit of an impact.





Lanvin Pump

Lanvin Stiletto Pump here

When we’re looking for that one and only it really only boils down two two things, doesn’t it? Does it fit? How much is it? Well for this Lanvin lovely you really just want to know, “Do you have my size?” because c’mon, just look at that stunner? If money were no issue…. enough said.

These were just a few of the many, many showstoppers I fell in love with and would certainly die {to quote a very famous stylist/designer/author/celebrity/ business entrepreneur/omg she wears so many hats I could go on and on} okay I’m talking to you Rachel Zoe, for. Any one of these would find a welcome home in my closet, although I’m not quite sure there would be any room and I actually have two closets one especially for shoes, but don’t read too much into that, I live in L.A. in a town-home. Anyway, if you’re dressing up this spring and have need or desire for a fabulous pair or two or three of creamy nude toned beauties I hope you find a pair and I hope some of these sparked a light of curiosity to go out and pick them up.


Wishing you Love and Luxury,






Superga and Friends

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Remember when your plain old white canvas sneakers were the quick and simple in a-a rush go-to? Neither do I. It’s no news that the sneaker craze is going strong and it’s pretty evident that it’s more than just a passing trend. Everyone from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen sporting their favorite pair of casual kicks. And it doesn’t end with just wearing them, some celebs are signing on with the collaboration process as well; take the Rihanna Fenty Trainer for Puma and Kylie Jenner’s Fierce Trainer as well, respectively. These days the sporty shoe look is taking on a whole new persona with every kind of embellishment you could imagine from leather piping in multi-colors to metallic stripes and floral prints and traditional tie-ups have given way to slip-on’s. Coincidentally, the old fangled low steppers have gone to new heights, literally; with the insurgence of the hidden wedge …thanks to some designers like Isabel Marant and Ash you can have sporty and spice all at the same time. And this new crop of foot coverings pair with just about everything, from your favorite jeans to a flowy skirt and even a tailored pair of trousers given the right pair selected. My favorite brand of the moment are Superga. They’re functional, comfortable and depending on the material I can dress them up a bit or keep them extremely low key. The price point is rather reasonable too with most styles ranging from $65. I think it’s safe to say our old sneaker days will never be the same.


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen for SupergaGisele Bundchen in Isabel Marant.jpg 2Alicia-Keys-paired-her-Marant-sneakers-camouflage-pantsSarah Jessica Parker

Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen in Superga /Gisele Bundchen in Isabel Marant/Alicia Keys in Isabel Marant and Sarah Jessica Parker in Koolaburra


Isabel Marant Suede Wedge


The one that started the new wedge craze…Isabel Marant Suede Wedge Sneaker  here

Superga Cotu Classic Slip On Military

My new arrivals…Superga Cotu Classic Slip- ons in Military (sold out) similar here

Superga Cotu Classic Slip On



Superga Linea Up and Down



These arrived the same day as well but I haven’t decided exactly how I want to pair them just yet. I’m thinking of a white flowy chiffon skirt and a denim chambray top. I’ll debut them properly in a future post.

And here are my dark twisted fantasy wedges, the A.s.H Bowie.

A.S.H Bowie Wedge Sneaker


A few more that made my lust list…..

From top-Forkix Platform Sneakers here  Isla Topla Snakeskin Trainers here  Karl Lagerfeld Tweed Sneakers here


And since we’re on the subject of  celebrity collaborations, my heart nearly stopped when I heard about the collection partnership between celebrity jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer and Superga.

Jennifer Meyer for Superga

Superga XO Jennifer Meyer



Superga XO Jennifer Meyer $149

Shop Superga XO Jennifer Meyer  here

Mark my words…these are my next conquest!


Well what did you think? What is your favorite pair? Are you a “stick to the basics” kind of person or do you like a little flair with your style? I can go either way as you’ve probably guessed, depending on my mood. I change like a chameleon, and each day is different than the next-sometimes each moment.

Til the next time,

Wishing you Love and Luxury,


Photo Credits: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy / Alicia Keys Popsugar / Gisele Bundchen Pinterest / Sarah Jessica Parker SheKnows
*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.






The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Saturday  April 2, 2016

The New Order of Luxury  Part Deux


I was seeking it the other day and it seems here lately I’ve been looking for a fulfillment not provided for by material things. At least not solely anyway. Yes, occasionally the want of the tangible is sometimes not the only answer. So I took a trip to West Los Angeles to the Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles for my red string  since I just ran out. The drive was a clearing and refreshing process in itself with  the cool air blowing in from the open windows and my Hotel Costes Volume 10 playing on Bluetooth, it was time well spent.


Jeans James Jeans here    Boots Steve Madden here    Watch Michael Kors Runway  but similar here  Tote Saks Fifth Ave
Scarf Merona for Target here

Kabbalah Centre Los Angeles    



From time to time there is a need for a deeper sense of comfort and centering. The red string is believed to ward off negative influences and worn on the left wrist, the left side of the body is said to be the most receptive side of positive energy.



Books and materials I’ve collected over the years- and of course packets of red string.




I found this place particularly intriguing partly due to the bold wooden sculpted blocked letters and secondly  for the artfully maintained landscape. It was a truly unique setting and an imaginative use of the property. Blackwelder lends itself to the use of creatives by way of renting space for media production and other related services, as per their website.





A literal garden wall.



I named this blog Love and Luxury and in my first post made a reference that “people can be bought”, that reference was sort of “tongue-in-cheek” because I still believe that to a certain level things do hold a special place in our hearts and bring us happiness. I also believe and would never deny that we need and depend upon a certain degree of clarity and fulfillment that comes from good energy surrounding us. Whether that energy is from the outward vibration of good friends, family or a favorite hobby we enjoy, anything that sends us to a higher state of optimism is going to benefit our sense of well being overall. That’s a luxury in itself!

Wishing you Love and Luxury ,



*Photo credits Linda Jamison
*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.

Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

Monday March 28,2016


You’d be surprised at what you might find at a place designed for the mind of a child.Upon a recent trip to the Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana,CA I was led upon a path of color and animated mechanisms I hadn’t thought would hold my attention for any length of time let alone amuse me in any sort of way, but they did. I captured some of it on film.

Abstract view Inside the Discovery Cube

An abstract view from inside the Discovery Cube.



Angles and color from my perspective.

IMG_0456 (1)



Cardigan Mossimo here T shirt similar here and here  Jeans Mavi similar here and here and here  On toes: ESSIE FROCK N ROLL


Simulated Rocket Launch

Simulated rocket launch.

FullSizeRender (1)

Abstract Interpretation of the Inside of a Dinosaur.

In the following shots I’m obsessed with the feel of movement…the flow of my footsteps, additionally the grainy blurriness of the photo is almost intended….



Shapes….and shadows.


Texture….. A child’s hand beside a dinosaur egg.

Again, I am amazed at what a little exploration can do for the creative process and not so much in that it necessarily boldly presents one with immediate content but it does elevate your senses so that you are at the least inspired to act on that desire and inspiration.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,



A Good Day in San Diego

Saturday March 26,2016

Every once in awhile you need to break away from the everyday routine and your immediate confines and get some “fresh air”, so that’s exactly what I did Thursday. My family and I took a drive down the coast to San Diego to dine on some great seafood fare at Edgewater Grill and browse the shops of Seaport Village. I hadn’t been to San Diego in so many years and a lot has changed. In addition to the great views and beach vibe of the pier we later headed over to the Gaslamp District for a bit of culture enhancement. I was totally enchanted by the raw, metro message the the dingy well traveled streets were sending me but my boys (at least my 12 -year old was a little uneasy). I’m a city girl by nature so the call of the urban wild is one that I heed to without any hesitation whatsoever.


Fried Calamari Edgewater Grill Seaport Village

First course appetizer, fried calamari…this was as fresh and delicious as could be; the fishing boats going out daily for the catch.

Grilled Mahi-mahi Tacos Edgewater Grill Seaport Village

Next up…my grilled Mahi-mahi tacos. Now these may not have been far superior to the ones had by my dear friend Jessica indulged upon on her honeymoon in Hawaii some years ago but honestly I was quite satisfied.


Sweater  Zara here T shirt (exact sold out) similar here Isabel Marant Etoile  and  here   Jeans James Jeans Twiggy Crux (sold out this color) similar here and here and here Bag vintage Tignanello similar here   Shoes Birkenstock  here


Leaving the restaurant ….I know we’ll be back soon.



Some stops and shops along the way in Seaport Village.


San Diego Pier Cafe

Pier Cafe at Seaport Village





IMG_0354 (1)


ESSIE Nail color in Pool Side Service


We went in search of something decadently sweet and found this place by sheer accident or was it fate?  Frost Me Gourmet Cupcakes was the winner of the Food Network’s season 9 Cupcake Wars show. After trying four of their specialty flavors (between myself and my three sons…c’mon people) I can see why.

IMG_0360Blueberry Hazelnut Cupcake Frost Me

Double Chocolate Ganache Cupcake Frost Me

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake  Frost Me



Some other tasteful offerings by Frost Me and the partial remains of my Caramel Cashew Orange Zest cupcake.


MAC Store Gaslamp District San Diego, CA

No words…. we were on a time crunch so I had to restrain myself. It was so hard. MAC was my home for so long after working for the brand for almost five years. It’s almost impossible not to walk inside a store when I’m confronted with one. I have a loyalty to this product line that is second to none. This MAC is located on Fifth Ave. near Harbor Dr. in the Gaslamp District. I love how they have the sentry at the door…so posh.


I miss the metropolitan essence of city dwelling. This area gives off an uptown beat similar to that of  Old Town or the Wrigleyville area in Chicago. There’s a multitude of old architecture and refurbished structures left intact to serve a modern day purpose.IMG_0397 Brick walk.


With it almost being Easter you know we were tempted to take in the sweet delights from It’s Sugar also in the Gaslight District but we were vigilant and opted to take photo mementos instead. This turned out to be a really long day and after we left the Gaslight District we went back to Seaport Village to grab a pizza from a restaurant we thought served Chicago style deep dish. However, we were disappointed and went home empty handed except for the stop at Portillos of which I didn’t partake. By then it was late and I was exhausted even with my lovely husband doing all of the driving. There was a lot of walking and such vividness of color and texture; I had a lot to take in for one day. Keep in mind I’m a stay-at-home mom so this felt like an awakening for me. I feel like I live my life in rewind, always doing the same thing over and over. I needed this to recharge my battery and give my creative senses a boost as well as my page some interesting content. I’m glad I could share it with you!

Wishing you Love and Luxury ,




Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast


Monday March 21,2016

Black on black and all black with a punch of white. That was the idea behind this photo story which was shot on location at the newly revamped Del Amo Fashion Mall in Torrance, CA. From my early days in retail working the makeup artistry circuit all black as a uniform was a common practice instilled in me. It soon became my go-to as my day to day wardrobe outfit as well, it was easy to pair because there was no matching of patterns or colors and texture was no obstacle either, in fact it was a welcome accessory adding that one needed element. Today I took an unexpected mash-up of black tuxedo pants and a ruffled crepe blouse; a usual nod to a night time or evening look and downplayed it by accompanying it with patent leather Birkenstock Gizeh sandals in one ensemble and Rihanna for  Puma Fenty  sneakers in another. At first I thought this calls for a serious pump or open toed stiletto for sure but I linked the combos and loved what I got! Either way the look was still polished and classy, yet easy fun.




Here, an unlikely pairing with my Birkenstock Gizeh sandals but it works. Take a cue from the patent leather which takes it up a notch. Most often you think of Birk’s with flowey skirts and dresses or denim cut-offs and a fringed shawl or some other low key collaboration but look around and if you  let style mavens have their say, anything goes. Want more proof? Read Popsugar here and Who What Wear here.


There’s that Love Moschino bag again. And I added some vintage inspiration with a jacket from my mothers closet. It must be at least 50 years old but I simply adore the bead work and the condition is near mint. Not only is this jacket a perfect styling partner to my outfit because it’s black and the compliment of it’s intricate adorning of beads but as you can probably imagine, wearing it gives me a sense of comfort knowing that it once belonged to my mother, who at one time gave it her own personality. I also got some added polish and a pop of color from NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in cult fave shade Cruella.


Here I worked up the same peplum blouse by Who What Wear for Target Collection with satin piped pants from H&M and accented them with the bright surprise of the white sneakers. I love the fresh crispness of white, in this case it adds a sporty unexpectedness. I dig it! However, if you’re into black find them here.  Nearby sits a cute pair of Le Specs  Jealous Games sunglasses and a really cute bag…oh did mention the bag already?




For added contrast I could have gone with these pieces too.


Shop Le Specs Cleopatra sunnies

Shop for Aldo Helmer clutch

Shop Marni bracelet


Thanks for stopping by to take a peek at my page this week. As always I hope you found something of interest. More than anything I hope to encourage you to think outside of the norm and build your own creative arsenal of ideas that will hopefully grow and manifest into something that you feel brings you a renewed perspective on style, beauty and just living in general.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,




*All photo credits in this post are Caden Jamison for Loveandluxurydotus

*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.


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