Wear What You Want

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day who asked me if I felt odd wearing items that were old. She was giving reference to certain items that I purchased online at a discount price from past seasons. I replied to her “no” and I was a little taken aback by her question. It gave me pause. But then as I thought for a moment, I further went on to explain that the cost of an item did not determine it’s worth or its value. Only quality and craftsmanship or in the case of a gift or a gift to yourself, sentimental affection does. It’s all in how it makes you feel. And always your individual attraction to its aesthetic and purpose. If you like something whether it’s past season or current, buy it. If it costs an extreme amount of dollars and you can afford it buy it. If it’s on sale and that more easily fits into your budget buy it then.

I am not at all deterred or necessarily influenced by an item’s standing in the current fashion season nor do I feel ashamed for wearing a piece that has already had it’s “moment”. And I certainly have no guilt whatsoever waiting until I can afford said item, if it’s currently not in my price range then I wait until it becomes so. And I guess I come from the old school of thought- which is wearing what you want whenever it suits you. Let your mood be your guide. Not someone else’s opinion of you and what you should be wearing. It also comes from the idea that you make up your own mind and follow your own fashion sense. It’s always great to be inspired by current trends or your current environment or even past environments and events but always follow your heart first.

When we look at the current trends displayed in the fashion shows,magazines,digital or social media we should always keep in mind that the looks are there for inspiration; most often they were never intended to be taken at face value or for a full interpretation. In my opinion designers don’t expect you to mimic the looks entirely but to take the pieces and create looks and styles that reflect your own personal character. Every piece will have the personality of its own depending on the person wearing it. And depending on the era in which it’s worn it might have a different effect and appeal on the wearer. Hence, the reason why retro and vintage is a big thing. You can bring a piece back to life that has a history a quarter of a century years old or older.Which is why no matter the season, past or present, beautiful clothing is just that; it’s beautiful, collectible clothing and it’s always a work of art whether it’s past season or current. That element never changes.

So when my friend asked me if I mind wearing something that wasn’t current I told her no. I don’t see any difference. As far as I’m concerned if the designer created that immaculate piece of work he/she created art to be worn and he/she created it to be worn no matter when. Why should that piece of work sit on a shelf, in the jewelry box, on a hanger or in a shoe box? And most of all why should it sit in some retailers distribution center? I say bring it home to be loved.

Some interesting pieces I might want for myself. From left to right 8 Bracelet  $49, at this price I can save it for summer or with the climate in my region it might just have a place year-round and then this Alexander McQueen 4 Pin Set $785  to give a basic black blazer or LBD an extra lift and I’m loving the texture on this Trademark Loop Small Tote Bag $795 and it’s earthy burnt eggplant color is a true Fall essential.marco-bologna-shirt

I am just head over heels for this Marco Bologna Multi Print Shirt , and I can see endless possibilities with it’s multiple colorscape.


And could your shoe collection really stand to be without these darlings, especially with this incredible price? I think not!  So cute…I think the blue and gold would be an interesting contrast to a rich berry silk shirt dress.Or palazzo pants…yes! $490 (sale priceLanvin Studded Slingback Sandal

So I guess the takeaway is this, no matter what you love (current season, past season) if it steals your heart away and you know it will make you happy get it. Provided you don’t spend the mortgage of course!

Wishing you Love and Luxury,


*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.

NARS:The Powerfall Master Class

Well here we are… the day after the Nars Masterclass and what a time I had! However,all the while leading up to this I thought I would be attending the event alone and that would have been fine but isn’t playing in makeup made just a little bit more interesting when you’re with a friend? So just the day before I remembered a friend of mine that I knew would really enjoy the evening festivities and I checked in to see if she’d like to join me-and this friend being a fellow makeup junkie like myself was totally game.

The two and a half hour session was led by Los Angeles Lead Trainer, Jeremy Hernandez and he is amazing! When he entered the room, there was an immediate burst of energy, his wide smile and big brown eyes lit up the room and I knew this was going to be a night not only filled with informative quips about the latest Nars trends but an intimate beauty session filled with laughs and newfound passion for a brand that honestly I hadn’t given enough “love” to previously. Not to say I never used Nars products before last night, I’ve always been obsessed with their makeup but for some reason I’ve never sat down with an artist and connected with the line like I did yesterday.

Coming into a masterclass as a fellow makeup artist you have preconceived notions that it’s all the same-meaning you think you have a full view of what’s to be expected but that wasn’t the case at all. Nars does quite a few things differently than what I’ve been taught and the way that I practice the application of makeup. And although some similarities will exist between makeup lines most often what makes them unique is their philosophy. For instance, Nars has based their individual philosophy on practices instilled in the company by their creater Francois Nars, who believes that your best makeup is only as good as the skin underneath. He also believed in keeping your routine simple but not boring.Which is why the brand is stock full of high pigment lip,eye and cheek colors but the foundations are buildable. Nars also stressed that makeup should never be mask-like so you will probably never see a Nars model overly contoured.And with that the first thing we learned was to prep our skin with Nars Skin, the brands treatment line is co-developed by Sheseido which is the oldest beauty brand on the market.

To get started we cleared away any impurities with Makeup Removing Water a soap-free,oil-free and alchohol free tonic that cleanses your skin with out stripping your natural moisture. I immediately fell head-over-heels for this product and as such marked on my list of take-homes. Next we used the Multi-action Hydrating Toner which revives lackluster skin by gently exfoliating and speeding up natural cell turnover with a combination of fruit extracts while Wild rose extract calms and soothes. And the last step in our priming was to choose a moisturizer. Since I fall just short of normal skin with a tendency to go dry in the Fall and Winter months I chose Luminous Moisture Cream  whose antioxidant rich (thanks to Omega-3 ceramides) velvety texture was instantly absorbed by my thirsty skin. Now my skin was ready for embellishment.

I usually use the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Syracuse but that day I tried Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Cuba. I wasn’t expecting this lightweight formula to give me much payoff but boy was I wrong! Although it is ultimately sheerer than the ADLW foundation it still covered well and the color was spot on! We moved on to contour and highlight, which to be honest isn’t something that I emphasize for daily wear but it was still nice to see what options were available. Jeremy demonstrated using the Ita Kabuki Brush which contributed a flawless application of bronzer in one fell swoop. I didn’t buy it but it’s definitely on my list. I finished up my cheeks with a staple- Nars Blush in Orgasm.

Next we started on eyes and this to me was where the fun really kicked in- I get really excited about color.And fittingly, Jeremy encouraged us to experiment with the colors we’d chosen.But before beginning I prepped my lids with Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base  to give them the ideal staying power. Especially with my left eye, which lately has been causing me great distress. It constantly weeps, and as such I’m always wiping my eye and any product off of it.My ophthalmologist suggested that I have dry eyes and offered artificial tear drops as a remedy but the problem still persists. So this is a must if I’m going to attempt to wear shadow. I also found what to me is now the gold standard as far as corrective concealers go, I fell in love with Radiant Creamy Concealer in my perfect shade, Biscuit.Now that my complexion was set I chose two shades for my lids starting with Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Europa, a soft shell pink with sheen which I applied with a wet brush for extra intensity all over and then I softly smoked my eyes with Mekong a deep smokey brown with black micro glitter flecks. It almost goes on like a singed carbon brown.

We finished up with lips and I actually surprised myself by diving right in and going bold. Typically I always veer towards a nude, especially if my shadow colors are deep and dark but this time I went with a suitable Fall berry shade. I started with Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Damned to lay the canvas and set the outline and then tried a new product in their line-up called Velvet Lip Glide in Toy.

After all was said and done I was ever pleased with the turnout. And unfortunately, my credit card felt the brunt of that pleasure as well.I did some major damage-see below. Now I really hope that I can go on using my products, with my teary eye and all. Upon leaving I was instilled with this one last thought about  Francois Nars and that is that beauty truly is an attitude and that we all have at least one defining characteristic, makeup should only enhance that.

The NARS POWERFALL CAMPAIGN Photos from Nordstrom.com

Above:Me with the artist, Jeremy working on my friend and the haul. This was by far a wonderful experience and it was just the pick-me-up I need to restore my creative flow and get back into makeup artistry.

Wishing you all Love and Luxury,



September 28,2016

This just in!

So I signed up for Rocksbox on a Friday and received it on a Monday! Not too bad for delivery I would have to say, in fact I am very pleasantly surprised. And then let me tell you about the presentation, the most beautiful box in slate blue wrapped up in a pretty little peach bow! I simply adore it! You almost don’t want to open it it’s that cute but of course curiosity is begging you to do so.

So what exactly is Rocksbox,  you ask? Rocksbox is a monthly premium jewelry subscription service- (You’ll pay $19 a month) that sends you awesome designer baubles and let’s you “borrow” them and try them out and if you love them (and you probably will) you can purchase them at an incredible members price (discounted from a retail price). If not you can swap them for different pieces to try and fall in love with any time you like! They offer free prepaid shipping both ways which makes the swapping extra easy!

The founder of Rocksbox, Meghan Rose created her company to fulfill a need of her own; based on the fact that she loved wearing new jewelry but but didn’t like the idea of stacking up items she only wore a few times. With that she grew on the foundation to provide a service that could offer women an opportunity to experience new and exciting products all the time! It’s a win-win! You never get bored because you’re always trying something new or maybe you’re finding  pieces that fits your lifestyle completely!

This is my first box so I’m just feeling the process out but I’m really geeked! How nice would it be to be able to try out a Chanel bag or Hermes? What if they offered a subscription serviceNow that I bet we would all sign up for!



Above: From left to right, Gorjana Mika Lariat Necklace, Gorjana Pierce Ear Climbers and Slate Daphne Triangle Pendant

Below: as worn on me…

Now instantly you might notice that my crawlers are flipped the other way-this is because on my left ear lobe, the middle piercing is too small for the post and wouldn’t allow me to insert it. Also my bottom piercing is too low, they ended up drooping down. They looked cute but didn’t give the “crawler” effect. So I had to improvise a little bit, nonetheless I still love them! And on the right side I’m wearing them with a pearl earring that I lost the mate to years ago (don’t worry Rocksbox I keep a close eye on my things these days-I’m like hawk-eye).

I also layered both necklaces together with an existing one, a diamond bezel that I got from my husband as my first Mother’s day present as a newlywed. I’m not sure if I love them together seeing them in the photographs, although I do like layering pieces. I think maybe more “like pieces” would have worked better, meaning closer in lengths. And another thing is I’m more of a chunky jewelry kind of girl (and I will express this in my notes next time) I felt the need to see more impact from them than wearing them alone would give.

It’s an individual attitude in style and one that you’ll easily be able to express with the versatility this subscription affords. That in itself makes it worth it to me.

So what do you all think? Will you be likely to try Rocksbox in the near future? Have you already tried it? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,





The For The Love of Things Project

Hello everyone!

Here is the questionnaire that asks what would you do and how far would you go to acquire the most coveted luxury item or items in your life? What motivates you to shop and what gives shopping and things meaning in your life? Why do we (extravagant consumers) as much as I despise that term, do what we do? And why do some not think it’s as important to them as it is to us? The purpose for this project is that I would like to write an essay that somehow sheds a little more light on the subject and I would like to get a firsthand account from more than just my own perspective.

So I am gathering information from other like-minded individuals like myself who are at times just as perverse and impulsive of a shopper as I am and at other times a cultivating planner waiting for that perfect opportunity to snag the dream object you’ve always wanted.


If that’s you then I’d like to hear from you. Tell me why you have to hunt down that secret sale or why you covet that luxury bag, why dressing your home is just as important as dressing your wardrobe. It’s all relevant. I hope to broaden the scope and find a multitude of motives and I know they won’t all be material, I know my reasons are not. Try to use your best words to truly describe how you feel about one of the most personal activities that we often embark upon in our everyday life.Share with me. This form will be open from September 20 through December 31. At that time I will close the form and gather the entries as I would like to begin working on the essay. I will assign everyone a “ghost” name as I will be quoting some of the information acquired from the entries.However, no one’s real name will be used as the information is sensitive and personal. If you would like to participate please send all completed entries via email to info@lindajamison.com no later than Dec 31, 2016.

  1. What is your favorite luxury item?
  2. When you were first introduced to shopping? By whom?
  3. What was your first real luxury shopping experience?
  4. How do you do most of your shopping for clothing/merchandise? Online? Brick and mortar?
  5. How often do you shop, (not counting bare necessities)?
  6. Who are your favorite designers? Why are you influenced by them? 
  7. What was the most coveted item that you can remember desiring and when did you acquire it or are you still waiting to acquire it?
  8. In your opinion what gives things meaning?
  9. Does buying something necessarily give it value? How much an item cost?
  10. How far would you go to acquire a luxury product? How far would you travel to acquire an item that you desired?  Limited edition item?
  11. How much money do you spend in a month on luxury products, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc?
  12. What is your current occupation?
  13. What influences your shopping or whether you will make a purchase, i.e social media, digital media, magazines, friends, street style?
  14. Have you ever over spent on a luxury item/items to the point of exhausting your reserve funds?
  15. What do you think the social impact is on women/men who shop for luxury products verses those who shop for lesser quality products?
  16. In your opinion, purveyors of the lesser quality brands, do you think they simply are not aware of designer brands, out of necessity or would rather see their money go on more sustainable goods? 
  17. What role/influence does one’s environment (past or present)/upbringing have on the way a person shops for their clothing? Furnishes their home? Where they dine? Books they read? How they live in general?
  18. Fulfillment means__________________________.
  19. Luxury should always_________________________.
  20. Fashion is____________________________________________________________.
  21. If you take yourself too seriously______________________.
  22. If you take life too seriously________________________________________.
  1. Things can bring enjoyment and pleasure but______________________________________.
  1. You can never have too much_________________________.
  1. Another word for decadence would be_____________.
  1. I’d go out of my way for________________.    

Thank you all in advance! I hope for this to be a very exciting project and I’m very much anticipating the results of it’s outcome!

Wishing you all Love and Luxury!


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September 14,2016

I finally got this in!

After weeks of wait-listing it on Dior’s site I couldn’t contain myself and ended up ordering from Nordstrom and then Beauty the Shop. The Dior Skyline limited edition collection beholds a range of plummy smoldering browns in the lip offerings and one nail lacquer (there is also a flesh tone lacquer #112 Minimal) and for the two limited edition eye palettes in a pattern inspired by the iconic architecture of the Eiffel Tower, #806 Capital of Light boasts a smokey plum, a rich taupe, a splendid mauve and a creamy nude. In it’s accompany counterpart, #506 Parisian Sky you’ll find delicate jewel tones in mint green, smokey quartz, dark chocolate and a beige pearl. I went for the Dior Addict Lipstick Hydra Gel Core Mirror Shine in Sophisticated and the Dior Addict Ultra Gloss #929 in Scandalous both a mix of shimmering cocoa and rich amethyst also which seem to be out of stock almost everywhere. They keep popping up on Dior Beauty and then running out again. The shadow palettes are still available at Neiman Marcus (at the time of this post) but as a limited edition that has been out for two months already it may be reaching an end to re-stocking. I wanted to put in an order for the Parisian Sky palette but I waited around for a bit because I wasn’t so sure if I needed another shadow palette but as with anything “limited edition” I’m sold…aah.And now I’ve been challenged by my son and husband to a 25 day “no shopping” hold. Are they kidding? Luckily I already ordered the Capital of Light palette from Neiman Marcus and I’m just waiting for it to arrive…ha ha ha!!! (insert maniacal laugh) I also had to search to an obscure beauty vendor for the Dior Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquer in the signature color Skyline. Now as I have learned Beauty the Shop has my palette for even less! They retail for $63 US but BTS list for $53.50 so even with shipping of $6 my total would only be $60. FYI, they only have the other palette, Parisian Sky. I would save a little bit because they wouldn’t charge any tax or duties.Let’s hope it’s still there when the “ban” is up. And my previous shipping and shopping experience was top notch! Even though it was coming from Spain! They always kept me in the loop with text updates and shipping and tracking info that literally let me know where my package was in real time! It’s so convenient in case you need to be somewhere but you want to get back in time to receive your package or at least in a near vicinity of that time frame. A lot of merchants are doing this. I noticed this with Nordstrom and Sephora as well.

Experience the full Dior Skyline Collection at Dior.com , Neiman Marcus , Beauty the Shop and Macy’s





Dior Capital of Light Palette $63




Dior Parisian Sky Palette $63


I almost forgot to talk about my new Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation from Nordies and the Beauty Blender that I picked up from Sephora that made the cut as well. After being such a MAC devotee (truth be told I still am) I always put my foundation trust in their hands, but this stuff is the bees knees! And is true to it’s name! One dime size will do. It spreads so evenly and gives all day wear at least up to 12 hours although they claim 16. My shade is Syracuse and it is spot on! And then there is the makeup artist’s secret weapon-one little egg shaped tool with a narrow tip made for the tightest of corners that belonged in my kit ages ago has finally made it’s way there! I’m set! For now. Shhhh…don’t tell but I have a Masterclass set for October 6 with Nars at Nordies. And we know where that leads……

Wishing you Love and Luxury,


Coming in my next post…..A special segment devoted to a project that I want you to be a part of!! Details coming soon!!




*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.


You may have already heard about the wildly coveted Pat McGrath Labs cosmetic line. Well I’m here to shout about it too, because what well deserved beauty and fashion blogger wouldn’t. The new one to be on the lookout for and the latest installment is the Lip Kit in LUST 004. It debuts at the end of the month on August 30th. It will be made available on her website, patmcgrath.com as well as Sephora. However, you must qualify as a special customer (VIB/VIB ROUGE) to purchase at Sephora during their soft launch on Sept 6 (see the website for details) full launch is Sept 8,2016.. For over two decades McGrath has been one of the world’s most sought after makeup artists all over the world, she’s even been called the most influential makeup artist by Vogue Magazine; having multiple magazine spreads and covers to her credit. Not to mention holding the reigns in the backstage arena in runway fashion shows worldwide. It wasn’t a surprise when she finally conceived her own make up line. In fact, for most of us make up junkies it was a sigh of relief. The kit comes stocked with two matte lipsticks, a clear gloss, a metallic gold pigment and a micro-fine glitter that compliments that kit’s signature color. There are three decidedly decadent colors to choose from (or not) you will have a really hard time, believe me,they are as follows Flesh, Vermillion Venom and Bloodwine.  Past offerings have sold out in a matter of minutes (so if you want one) have your fingers ready to push the button and add it to your shopping carts. By the way quantities are limited so they only allow one to a customer. These kits will produce super smoldering lips that sizzle! Even in the nude! I have to have one…so I hope I get lucky!


UPDATE: So I just spent the last 48 hours in LUST 004 limbo on Instagram awaiting my fate. And it was all worth it! The launch of Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004 Lip Kits almost didn’t happen…well we never lost faith! At the height of the launch our overwhelming traffic caused her server to crash!Yep!! We were dialing in from all over the world and it was crazy! It just made us want it even more! And you know what, all the while several thousand devoted fans of Ms.McGrath showed her just how much she and her product is adored. Might I also mention that Ms.McGrath stayed with us all the entire time! She always had encouragement and updates, following up with us and giving any new info when it was made available to her. Who does that? I mean on her busy schedule? It means she is an incredible human being! And that is why we worship her! My lip kit is on it’s way! So go and get yours NOW!! patmcgrath.com 

And I should also point out that you can buy multiples as I stated otherwise above.* My apologies.






Pat McGrath Vermillion Venom Kit


Pat McGrath Bloodwine Kit


Pat McGrath Flesh Kit



Photo Credit by Arabia.style.com
Pat McGrath LipKit Photos credit from patmcgrath.com

Also of note is the fact that I may be writing fewer posts. As it turns out I will be doing less shopping. Which could lead to less content. This could inevitably lead to less to write about. Boo! The reason being is that I am attempting to save for a bigger goal. My family and I are trying to buy a house at the end of next year. And all the Christian Louboutins and all the Lanvins in the world couldn’t satiate that craving. But on the flipside I have a huge family wedding to attend in Chicago next summer and you know what that means? It means more shopping! Yay! I mean yay for the bride and groom! After all the entire event is all about them.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,



*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.

Barneys Warehouse Sale: The Last Few Days

When I was little my mom would take me and my little sister downtown every fourth Sunday to Marshall Field’s (now bought out by Macy’s).Many years ago they would have Super Sunday, sort like a bargain basement sale where every sale item was even further reduced.

Barneys Warehouse is having an online clearance sale similar to that and the savings are phenomenal!

I’m breaking down my sale must haves in a top ten list. And of course with prices this low the selection will be somewhat scattered. It’s first come, first served. But this is the perfect time to get those items that you may have missed at the beginning of the season. Add that investment piece that you weren’t  able to stock earlier that now is well within your reach. Believe me you’ll find incredible steals on items that you’ll find justification to belong in your collection that you never would have before!






Above you’ll find (hopefully if your quick) picks like this Jules Smith triple ring in gold plating on sale from $150 down to $45, pair these neutral tan suede tie-up sandals still in step for summer (a real steal at $240 from $740) with a flowy skirt or some shorts and make a real statement with a Milly Clutch in an abstract print priced at $173 from $435. 

Shop the list

1.3.1 Phillip Lim Clutch

2.IRO Blouse

3.Milly Clutch

4.Proenza Schouler Cady shorts

5.Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Coated Jacket

6.Nicholas Kirkwood Embellished Sandal

7.Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Lace up Sandal

8.Prabal Gurung Multi-strap Sandal

9.A.L.C. Stud Embellished Lee Skirt

10.Jules Smith Santorini Ring Set




Bonus item….couldn’t let this one slip by without a mention.

Brera Orologi  Francesca Watch .jpg





I was lucky enough to find three pairs of lovely shoes (at incredible prices), a red hot number by Paul Andrew $125 from $895, a sexy black cut-out pair from Prabal Gurung at an unbelievable $98 from $750 and…..drum roll please, although from several seasons back, my first pair from Lanvin! The first two mentioned have arrived (see photo’s below)however, I’m still waiting on the Lanvin’s.



These are all sold out online now but there are still so many fabulous finds…I’m driving my husband crazy! Of course I picked out some cool stuff for him too, the men’s store is jam packed with a treasure trove of goodies as well. I’m not sure how much longer this sale is going to last…it could end at any moment so get on over there soon!


Wishing you Love and Luxury,



*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.


So who’s Target’s new flavor of the month?

Apparently it’s Superga and in all actuality the pairing (pardon the pun) happened last month. Around June 26 Target launched a capsule collection featuring some new kicks especially fashioned for their market. I apologize for bringing the news so late as I’m just now becoming aware of it. And it was only by chance that I did. As I was perusing Barneys New York massive online sale (going on right now) I stumbled across a pair of Jennifer Meyer X SUPERGA sneaks at a ridiculously low price. Remember my post Superga and Friends when I promised to have a pair before the end of summer? Well, I may just have found the perfect opportunity. I might love luxury but I’m still a smart girl.

Getting back to Target, being the ever inquisitive mind that I am, I kept perusing the net to find an even better deal and wait…WHAT! The next thing I know I’m on a page with the express details of the (now well in progress) launch of SUPERGA X Target! Just like that. So, there you have it, SUPERGA right in your own backyard. These won’t last long I’m sure. I have yet to visit my local Target and see them in person but from what I’ve gathered on the screen they’re not too shabby. At a starting price of $30 it’s not too steep of an investment, as most styles in SUPERGA’s classic collection go for at least twice that. However, the downside is that I was always the only one in my hood to sport them and now they’ll be on everyone’s feet! Believe it or not,the gals in my immediate area go more for sandals and flip-flops and if they do sport sneaks it’s usually Keds or Vans, respectively. There are a lot of skater babes and a big beach vibe in my community. But I actually reveled in being an oddity. So much for that..but as the saying goes, “Imitation is the best form of flattery.” 

So if you love your GA’s as much as I do check out Barneys or give a look into Target and see if the collaboration is worth it. This may be a last chance situation as the end of summer is fast approaching and with it being a capsule collection(read limited edition) you have to act fast. If you’ve already snagged a pair I say, “lucky you!” Mine are on their way. I’m getting the Kelly green (from the Target collection) and a pair of navy canvas Jennifer Meyer’s (from Barneys).

Wishing you Love and Luxury,



Jennifer Meyer X SUPERGA    shop them on sale at Barney’s New York  here


Read more about the Target X SUPERGA venture here and shop the collection here



*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.


An Affair to Remember

An Affair to Remember

Paule ka dress

Dsquared2 nude high heel shoes
$1,020 – luisaviaroma.com

Hook jewelry

Gucci pink rose gold ring
$2,875 – 1stdibs.com

Nars cosmetic

Dolce Vita beauty product
$67 – charlottetilbury.com

Chanel nail lacquer


Summer heat brings the inevitable invitation to entertain or be entertained and what better way to do it than with a simple get-together of friends, good music and a fabulous array of well designed and delicious cocktails served by a top thread mixologist in-house or out on the town. Here are several ways to design your own party or find one this summer season.

AT HOME Plan the perfect gathering with a few or more friends using some easily accessible tools. Whether you decide to entertain indoors or out or even a combination of the two is completely up to you;there are no rules. However,you do want your space to feel comfortable and intimate while still providing the encouragement to mingle. So as far as seating goes you don’t have to have a place for each and every guest as you would for a dinner party. A cocktail party is more open and definitely less confining than a formal environment. Which brings me to another subject, dress code. Decide if yours will be semi-formal or summer casual. Remember, this can be left up to interpretation for different people so indicate this in your invitation. You should also decide on a theme, this can be a deciding factor when you make a decision on the menu.

WHAT TO SERVE:FOOD Planning a menu can be fun or it can be a draining task depending on your planning skills. But because a cocktail menu isn’t nearly as extensive as a full-on five course dinner it needn’t be as cumbersome of a mission. First of all, think small finger foods like petite sandwiches,bacon wrapped shrimp,vegetable platters and creamy dip,stuffed mushrooms and so on. Walking about and socializing, guests don’t have much time to stuff hefty amounts of grub in their mouths, or at least that’s the objective. Hire a caterer for the bulk of the fare or lean on your local deli or grocer for pre-stocked platters. There are a host of venders that can accommodate your affair but if you are keeping it small look to a cook book for easy ideas that you can prepare in advance.

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Party Perfect Bites Milli Taylor

Find this idea treasure here

WHAT TO SERVE:BAR Here is where you’ll definitely want some extra hands on deck. I’m not knocking your impeccable bartending skills at all but if you want to enjoy your party and your guests you’re not going to want to be stuck behind a bar all night. It’s best to entrust the expertise of a professional in this area at least for a couple of hours. Depending on the region you’re in and the skill set of the bartender, rates can vary and the way they charge can too, from an hourly rate to a flat fee. You saw Cocktail the movie, right? But for a fête to remember it could be well worth it. However, if you do decide to go the DIY route here are some books with ideas to get you motivated. *In either case don’t forget to figure in the cost of alcohol which can vary depending on your retailer. Try discount bulk merchandisers like BevMo in California and Sams Club online. see below


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In  APERITIVO Marisa Huff takes on an Italian flair with recipes for cocktails and delicious food. As the name suggests in the Northern sects of Italy like Milan, it is a traditional call for friends to gather before dinner to enjoy snacks and drinks. Dave Arnold shares his LIQUID INTELLIGENCE and breaks down the analytical aspects of the art of cocktails. Now that you’ve mastered the basics you’ll want this advanced course.

So not all of your guests enjoy alcohol? Don’t fret. Stuart Walton shows you Classic Cocktails in his book and also an unexpected selection of nonalcoholic drinks as well. Fabulous photography guides you through the process. Tony AbouGanim is the fielding force that created a signature drink for Caesars Palace, Cleopatra’s Smile featuring lemon bitters,ruby red grapefruit juice,Ketel One Citron, Pavan Liqueur and Aperol. In his book The Modern Mixologist  he does a take on the contemporary cocktail that opens the window to ideas you never thought were possible.

SET THE MOOD:MUSIC Nothing says ambient, intimate and “let’s relax” quite like good lounge music and I discovered this on a distant trip to Miami’s South Beach at the Delano Hotel. They have mastered beach/patio entertaining down to a science. With a resident DJ, poolside bar and cabanas galore it’s the ultimate hotel experience.Invite your guests to take a load off and ease into a gentle retreat of great food, good company and eclectic yet soothing tunes. Other celebrations and parties may call for louder and more up-tempo music, but for a cocktail party the vibe is definitely suited for easy listening. And here’s the best part- you don’t have to hire a DJ for that. Simply pipe in a CD, your digital media or stream from an outlet like Pandora Radio. However, if you feel the need to spring for a DJ make sure to hire one that plays the music that will keep your guest entertained but not overwhelmed.

If you decide to go the CD route here are some selections that can’t be beat:

TIP: These are easily downloadable on iTunes


Hotel Costes 15 Stephane Pompougnac

Hotel Costes 15 Stephane Pompougnac


Best Chillout and Lounge Music 2014 -200 songs

The Best Chillout and Lounge Music 2014-200 Songs



LOS ANGELES NORAH Expansive loft-like decor, vibe is elegant yet easy going. Still, dress to impress.


Photo Credit LosAngelesEater.com

CHICAGO MILK ROOM This bar masquerades as a cafe by day but by night you’ll find master Beverage Director Paul McGee serving a blend of exquisite liqueurs and “spirit forward cocktails“, as per the website. Located in the famed Chicago Athletic Club Hotel this gem only serves by reservation and if that were not enough, they only take eight at a time.Talk about exclusivity.

Milk Room Chicago

Photo Credit TheChicagoAthleticClubHotel.com

NEW YORK BAR GOTO  Feeling like something Japanese inspired? Then head here and order the sakura martini, a blend of sake,cherry blossom, absinthe, plum sazerac and four other unique and staple ingredients that come together and make for a truly unforgettable experience. Well, I can’t say for sure as I’ve never been here but I think this one would definitely get the party started…of course for me it could end there too. I’m a lightweight.

Bar Goto New York

Photo Credit NewTorkEater.com

Travelling? Use the Urban Buddy app to ask locals where to find awesome spots to dine, drink and even rest your head. Nothing  beats the advice of the tried and true.

And for up to the minute responses, the SKORCH app guides you through your present location, revealing in real time the hottest places and events. If a bar,club,restaurant or any vendor associated with SKORCH is offering any specials you’ll be alerted. At this time SKORCH is available in the following cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Austin, Chicago and Miami.

WHAT TO WEAR: YOUR PLACE OR MINE Here you can really experiment and have some fun.Typically ladies will do a dress or dressy slacks and and a blouse. But how about silk walking shorts or a tailored linen romper with a pair of stilettos? That totally works! And when it comes to color, well it’s summer so think cool whites or turn up the heat with a bright like yellow or even a print. Let your imagination run wild but stay sophisticated.


From top to bottom column/ left to right red BCBG dress ,Gianvito Rossi red suede sandals,Gianvito Rossi gold and ivory sandals, Halston Heritage silk shorts,  Moschino sleeveless bow tie blouse, Trina Turk multi color print dress,  Twin Sister white tie wrap jumpsuit, Max Mara dress.


From left to right,Akris Punto graphic dress, IOSSELLIANI ring, Baublebar Helix Cuff, St. Xavier Magna Clutch, Baublebar Pisa Cuff, Baublebar Ion Cuff, Chicnova embellished box clutch,Sarahs Bag pill image box clutch, Pre-owned LANVIN box clutch.


I hope you all will enjoy at least a few evenings of small intimate gatherings and experiment with some new or traditional ideas inspired by this post. I know I’m going to make it a point to get out more myself. With the summer day temperatures rising to unbearable highs in most of the country, nighttime is the right time to enjoy an outdoor lawn or patio party. I live in a town home community so it’s not feasible for me but I can still envision it. And I’d have to shove the kids off to host one in my home but I’d gladly accept an invitation. Hint. Hint.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,




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*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.



Now it doesn’t take much to lure me into a lull of desperation when it comes to desiring a special item or two but lately I’ve had a pull in the direction of several ….and they all bear one similarity;they all come in a hue of rose gold.

I guess this roller coaster all got started when I misjudged a step while coming up my stairs the other day. I slipped outside while holding my brand new rose gold Iphone 6s Plus (finally upgrading from my droid). I had just received it for Mother’s Day and scratched the case…I’m going off on a tangent here but believe me you need the “back story” for context. So here I am researching new cases and well one thing leads to another and before I know it I’m looking for everything in rose gold. I’ll tell you …the market does not disappoint!

Meet the ten items that are tugging at my heartstrings as of late. Folks I’ve got an addiction to rose gold…..and it’s a bad one! Realistically, I won’t be acquiring even half of the items on this dream list but just putting it out into the universe means there’s hope. Here are the items that have me in a tizzy, I found everything from headphones to a delicious scented candle and the classiest writing instrument I’ve seen since my Waterman I received a few Christmas’ back.




From top to bottom/ left to right-Frends Headphones $160 , Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses $495 , Tom Ford Eyeshadow Color Quad  $80, Jimmy Choo Abel Stiletto $625, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur $140, Montegrappa Fortuna Fountain Pen $193, Anthropologie Metallic Idiom Journal $38, The Horse Rose Gold/Blush Band Watch  $119, Miansai Rose Gold Plated Huggie Earrings $65, Atelier Cologne Rendez -Vous Candle and Cloche Set $95


Such small treasures but they carry an enormous weight in the sheer delight of their use and existence. What waste is there in mere desire even if procurement  is not a certainty, I think none. What do you think? Is it just me or does everything seem to gleam just a bit more in this mix of peachy golden- pink? I think it looks gorgeous on almost everything!


Incidentally, the two new cases I’m deciding on. Love them both so much. But only one can come home with me. On the left- CaseMate Rose Gold Brilliance 6/6s Plus iPhone Case $80 on the right-CaseMate Rose Gold Karat iPhone 6 s Plus Case $50

And my banged up baby….

Linda's iPhone 6s Plus

Photo Credit L.Jamison

Yes, that’s the June issue of Vogue hiding underneath…go out and grab it!

Wishing you Love and Luxury,



*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.


Hard Candy had a strong following back in the day and I remember helping to push the brand during it’s start up phase when I worked at Bloomingdales.

Now  Dineh Mohajer co-founder of that breakout creation has another lovechildSmith and Cult, that she’s partnered to cultivate with her long time friend Jeanne Chavez also a founding partner of the former cosmetic line. For now the collection of Smith and Cult consists solely of a ultra high shine lip lacquer, lip stain and nail lacquer but if the self proclaimed “beauty junkie” has anything to do with this going forward I’m certain the line will progress with a full spectrum of products to obsess over. 

I myself waited way too long to order my first batch of nail lacquer and a sultry gloss. I scoped the brand out via THE ZOE REPORT months ago but I kept putting it off. There are so many things in my “I want this list.” it doesn’t even make sense. I feel like an air traffic controller; lining up the flights for takeoff and landings. But when I finally made up my mind I was immediately sold on the packaging alone. Yeah, I’m an aesthetics gal all the way. The bottle that the Nailed Lacquer is packaged in was extremely well conceived. The top was designed to look as if it was intentionally hammered and the bottle is made of heavy duty glass. It was so heavy. But in a good way. And The Shining Lip Lacquer tube is just as sturdy and fine. It looks like you’re pulling a piece of art from your makeup bag. My goodies finally arrived yesterday and let me say it was a fine, fine day indeed!





Blazer Forever 21 similar here and here and here  Floral print t shirt (out of stock) similar inspiration here
 James Jeans here  Louis Vuitton Bag Classic Speedy 35 here and Birkenstock Gizeh sandals here Sunglasses Celine Tilda here

And the goods I procured…without further ado….



I fell in love with Hi-Speed Sonnet  $22. I just love this juicy melon color! It was lovelier than expected, it has to be described as a pinky- golden apricot. It wears pretty well having a pretty decent color payoff, somewhere between semi-sheer and sheer depending on how much you goop on. If you accent it with a lip liner you can definitely stretch out the color payoff. And the scent is pure heaven with a smell reminiscent of vintage Bazooka bubble gum. Love this stuff!

And the NAILED LACQUER  $18 in Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow (I’m going to stop RIGHT there…how uber cool is that name) is exactly as described- “ultra fine pink and silver glitter suspended in a clear base” that just about sums it up in a nutshell. It so simple and yet, it’s glitter people! Yesterday, my son Caden said that the air I and some of my fashion friends breathe is different than the air most people breathe – it’s glitter oxygen! Ha!


More Colors to make you swoon…..Vegas Post Apocalyptic, Dirty Baby and Dark Like Me. You have to visit the Smith and Cult website if only for purely artistic and visual incentive. But I promise even if at first you don’t pull that trigger, you’ll be back……



Wishing you Love and Luxury,


*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.
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