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Summer heat brings the inevitable invitation to entertain or be entertained and what better way to do it than with a simple get-together of friends, good music and a fabulous array of well designed and delicious cocktails served by a top thread mixologist in-house or out on the town. Here are several ways to design your own party or find one this summer season. … Read More COCKTAIL HOUR

COACHELLA : The Live Streams

I never do two posts in one day but with the festival going on in full swing it felt right, almost necessary. So here’s a really brief post to for all of us out there who couldn’t make it out to a festival but are dying to hear and see one of our favorite bands perform. Coachella’s website is doing a live stream of … Read More COACHELLA : The Live Streams

The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Saturday ¬†April 2, 2016 The New Order of Luxury ¬†Part Deux Clarity. I was seeking it the other day and it seems here lately I’ve been looking for a fulfillment not provided for by material things. At least not solely anyway. Yes, occasionally the want of the tangible is sometimes not the only answer. So I took a trip to West Los Angeles to … Read More The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Festival Flair

Wednesday March 10,2016 Festival season 2016 is here and whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor venue it’s not just about the music. Half of the fun is getting dressed. More often than not a lot of effort goes into the preparation of your outfit. Designers are paying attention and creating more pieces suited to these occasions, no matter the feel. So if … Read More Festival Flair

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