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To Chicago and Back

Friday, November 11,2016 The wild,wild week! Last Wednesday I took a 10:30 am flight from LAX to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to spend what I hoped would be a few precious and spontaneous days with friends and family. It started out with a bang as I arrived to my mother’s home to find my two older brothers also visiting. We caught up quickly as we … Read More To Chicago and Back

The For The Love of Things Project

Hello everyone! Here is the questionnaire that asks what would you do and how far would you go to acquire the most coveted luxury item or items in your life? What motivates you to shop and what gives shopping and things meaning in your life? Why do we (extravagant consumers) as much as I despise that term, do what we do? And why do … Read More The For The Love of Things Project


Summer heat brings the inevitable invitation to entertain or be entertained and what better way to do it than with a simple get-together of friends, good music and a fabulous array of well designed and delicious cocktails served by a top thread mixologist in-house or out on the town. Here are several ways to design your own party or find one this summer season. … Read More COCKTAIL HOUR


Forage /fôrij,ˈfärij/   (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions. I may have just found my new best friend. And it comes in a bottle. Now I’m no self proclaimed foodie but I do know when something tastes good. And although not new to the market it is new to me because my local grocer has just begun shelving this … Read More FORAGER

A Good Day in San Diego

Saturday March 26,2016 Every once in awhile you need to break away from the everyday routine and your immediate confines and get some “fresh air”, so that’s exactly what I did Thursday. My family and I took a drive down the coast to San Diego to dine on some great seafood fare at Edgewater Grill and browse the shops of Seaport Village. I hadn’t been to … Read More A Good Day in San Diego

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