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I Took a Pilates Plus Class for two weeks and Here’s What Happened

I’m the type of gal who loves a challenge. I never take anything at face value and I always look beyond the obvious to see what I could possibly change about a situation or what I may have missed. Having said that my weight and fitness goals haven’t yielded me the best results I desire even though I consider myself a fairly healthy eater … Read More I Took a Pilates Plus Class for two weeks and Here’s What Happened

The Ride of My Life:PELOTON

This past Sunday was the beginning of the start of a brand-new relationship with my present self and my renewed self to come. My husband and I took a trip to PELOTONĀ in Santa Monica, California a beautiful loft-like studio situated in the mall area of the 3rd St. Promenade. When we first arrived we had trouble finding the location although GPS assured us it … Read More The Ride of My Life:PELOTON


Saturday April 16,2016 When it comes to motivating oneself for the rigors of the exercise element one factor stands out for sure and aside from the mental preparedness that is the first you’ll have to attain;the other is what to wear? Picking out a workout ensemble that is both functional as well as fun can make the the difference between doing something begrudgingly (or … Read More IVY PARK by BEYONCE

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