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Thursday  May 26,2016   PHOTO CREDIT DIOR/MTV   Straight from my TWITTER feed comes the news that Ms. Ri Ri is at it again. In a previous post Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast she showed her design spirit for sneaks with the PUMA FENTY TRAINERS. And later the ever selling out Fenty Creepers (I’d post a purchase link but as of this publishing there’s … Read More THAT’S SO 80’S: RIHANNA and DIOR


THIS JUST IN….. Parisian fashion brand KENZO will collaborate with H&M on a collection to debut for Fall 2016 in November. Well the heat has died down to a simmer since the Balmain merge last winter and next in line is Kenzo! I love that main stay retailers are jumping on board with high-end designers to bring a little bit of their world to the … Read More KENZO X H&M

THE STANDOUT: Statement Shades

What is it that makes a thing stand out amongst all other things?   Is is it it’s shape, form, function or a combination of the three? When it comes to sunglasses there’s really no denying that their only true function is to shield ones eyes from the blaring effects of the sun, the other more aesthetic purpose therefore is simply to make you … Read More THE STANDOUT: Statement Shades


Saturday April 16,2016 When it comes to motivating oneself for the rigors of the exercise element one factor stands out for sure and aside from the mental preparedness that is the first you’ll have to attain;the other is what to wear? Picking out a workout ensemble that is both functional as well as fun can make the the difference between doing something begrudgingly (or … Read More IVY PARK by BEYONCE

Coming Soon: Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder

Friday April 15,2016 So it was announced this morning through different media outlets that designer and style icon Victoria Beckham will mesh forces with mega beauty powerhouse Estee Lauder to create a limited edition makeup line. Known for her simplistic but well lived aesthetic in clothing, if the beauty line should mirror this way of thinking it will no doubt yield a sublime product. … Read More Coming Soon: Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder

The Ivory Shoe

So a dear friend’s daughter of mine is headed to prom and in need of the perfect shoe to match her lovely black mermaid style dress. It is fashioned with all black crepe in the background and an accent of ivory beads and fine lace along the front of the bodice. It’s actually quite a stunning piece of work. But with the bold black statement … Read More The Ivory Shoe

Superga and Friends

<a href=””>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Remember when your plain old white canvas sneakers were the quick and simple in a-a rush go-to? Neither do I. It’s no news that the sneaker craze is going strong and it’s pretty evident that it’s more than just a passing trend. Everyone from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen to Sarah Jessica Parker have been seen sporting their favorite … Read More Superga and Friends

The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Saturday  April 2, 2016 The New Order of Luxury  Part Deux Clarity. I was seeking it the other day and it seems here lately I’ve been looking for a fulfillment not provided for by material things. At least not solely anyway. Yes, occasionally the want of the tangible is sometimes not the only answer. So I took a trip to West Los Angeles to … Read More The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

Monday March 28,2016   You’d be surprised at what you might find at a place designed for the mind of a child.Upon a recent trip to the Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana,CA I was led upon a path of color and animated mechanisms I hadn’t thought would hold my attention for any length of time let alone amuse me in any sort of … Read More Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast

  Monday March 21,2016 Black on black and all black with a punch of white. That was the idea behind this photo story which was shot on location at the newly revamped Del Amo Fashion Mall in Torrance, CA. From my early days in retail working the makeup artistry circuit all black as a uniform was a common practice instilled in me. It soon became … Read More Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast

Lucky Finds

Thursday March 17, 2016   Today brought some little gems my way. I ordered Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Lip Paint and it arrived today! Also, after holding it in my closet for what seems like three weeks I finally debuted my Love Moschino (although now sold out) bag and new favorite lippie in Manbun. This will be a brief post filled with mostly photo content. So here goes…. The … Read More Lucky Finds

Festival Flair

Wednesday March 10,2016 Festival season 2016 is here and whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor venue it’s not just about the music. Half of the fun is getting dressed. More often than not a lot of effort goes into the preparation of your outfit. Designers are paying attention and creating more pieces suited to these occasions, no matter the feel. So if … Read More Festival Flair

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