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The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Saturday  April 2, 2016 The New Order of Luxury  Part Deux Clarity. I was seeking it the other day and it seems here lately I’ve been looking for a fulfillment not provided for by material things. At least not solely anyway. Yes, occasionally the want of the tangible is sometimes not the only answer. So I took a trip to West Los Angeles to … Read More The Kabbalah Centre and Other Sights

Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

Monday March 28,2016   You’d be surprised at what you might find at a place designed for the mind of a child.Upon a recent trip to the Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana,CA I was led upon a path of color and animated mechanisms I hadn’t thought would hold my attention for any length of time let alone amuse me in any sort of … Read More Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

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