“I’ve simply been in a state of reflection.”

-Linda Jamison

If I’m not mistaken it’s been two years since I stepped away from my blog. Naughty me. I have no fancy excuses — no exuberant stories to tell about my absence. I’ve simply been in a state of reflection. Everyone does it. And I guess I’m no different. I took some time off to work on some other things one of which was my screenplay, Dear Manolo that I re-adapted into a novel. I took some time off to support my sons  in school. And it’s been two exciting years — one of my sons graduated from high school and has already completed one year of college and I had another son graduate from eighth grade; he has already completed his freshman year of high school and the third is in his senior year of high school. All of this time I’ve been writing just not contributing to my blog. I have been feeding my writing bug through another outlet. During my hiatus from Love and Luxury I was using my talent to write for another online publication, The Style Station is an online publication founded by celebrity stylist Melissa Meister. Melissa and I connected via Instagram and we bonded right away. I have been collaborating with her since May 2018 and my official title is Beauty Content Contributor and that’s exactly what I do. Using my knowledge and insight as a former makeup artist I investigate and research current makeup, skincare products and services.  I interview the experts and the stylists who have their finger on the pulse and report of the moment tips and trends for the publication.  It’s a somewhat different vibe than what I was doing for Vigore’ in that the articles are shorter. But they are still fulfilling. They also allow me the time that I need to work on my main focus, which is the book. It is in it’s final stage and I am ready to start promoting it. I hope to start spending more time reaching out to you on my blog and my newly conceived author website as I report with more information on the upcoming events and developments. Stay tuned. 

Wishing you Love and Luxury,

Find my new author website here http://www.lindajamison.com/home.html

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