This past Sunday was the beginning of the start of a brand-new relationship with my present self and my renewed self to come. My husband and I took a trip to PELOTON in Santa Monica, California a beautiful loft-like studio situated in the mall area of the 3rd St. Promenade. When we first arrived we had trouble finding the location although GPS assured us it was located on Broadway. Not exactly. To be sure I called the store and spoke with a gentleman who gave us specific directions. Before I knew it we were walking in.
Immediately upon entering we were greeted with a smile by Pearce, the friendly voice on the phone who had given us the directions to find the store when we were standing on Broadway looking like hopeless tourists. We had been spinning our wheels for quite some time and had been going around in circles and I guess Pearce took notice of how flustered I looked so he offered my husband and myself a water. My husband declined but I definitely needed the H2O. After some well-deserved hydration we started talking “cycle”.
How had I heard of Peloton? How long have I wanted a bike? Did I know anyone else who owned one? What did I know about it? And all that I didn’t know he was sure to fill me in. I was so in awe just to be in the studio I had to take it all in before I could fully comprehend everything that was going on. As I said before the studio is spacious with an open floor plan . It has that modern refined look with a neutral color palette of grays and cream. I took special notice of the dark ebony in the hardwood floors. Probably because I long to have similar ones gracing my own home.This place is SO inviting; I would say that they design it that way intentionally to give you the feeling of what it would be like to have it in your own humble abode. Looking back I should’ve taken more photos. Thank goodness for the internet. Full disclosure: these pictures are somewhat outdated in that upon our visit they have moved the furniture around and obviously changed some fixtures. But overall the mood and the setting was pretty consistent with what you are viewing here.
Above:Photos, Peloton studio in Santa Monica Credit: Peloton
Peloton Bike
Above Photo Credit:LindaJamison
Pearce is an exceptional product specialist (I don’t like to say sales person because he does more than sell) his personality is really striking. Not overzealous, just confident. And I can tell that he really takes pride in showing the product and giving information and it gives him satisfaction to see his customers take in the knowledge and appreciate his expertise.
Now about the bike; this is an extraordinary piece of equipment. And having an absolute state of the art piece of machinery combined with live and on-demand classes at my fingertips is a perfect combination. The touch-screen is a generous 21 inches and accommodates enough RAM and CPU power so there will be no slowing down. The Peloton cycle is pretty cutting-edge, it’s a sturdy carbon steel frame but still lightweight;it’s easy to use and it’s just small enough. It’s solid but it’s also compact so it pretty much fits seamlessly into any home; even my tiny little 2 level town-home. We’ve decided to carve out a little space in the living room. We were going to use the bedroom, but I think in the summertime although we don’t have air conditioning, (it’s very breezy where we live closer to the ocean) it’ll be even cooler on the lower level. (Remember it takes electricity to power the monitor so put it in close range to an available outlet.) Plus it’ll put it in more proximity for the whole family to use whenever they want. We want to make it accessible for everyone. The only thing that we’ll have to get are our own separate shoes.
And here’s some information that I didn’t know existed; not only are there classes that I can take but if you’re not in the mood for classes they also stream an option to ride with your own music and use their scenic views. So let’s say you want to ride through a country mountain path or take a trail ride, you can do that!
Now, the other fun part:accessories! I went with The Works accessories package just because I felt like it supported everything I needed; the floor mat,the weights,shoes, earbuds, heart rate monitor and came at a better value. Purchasing the set at once costs $229 vs. buying them all separately at a total of $287 over time. Then I opted for their cool Urbanears Hellas headphones with Bluetooth technology. They feature 14 hours of playtime per charge and they have sweat resistant washable cushions. That alone made it worth it. Who wants sweaty gross headphones? Not I. And the buds with the wires always seem to get twisted up around me. I’ll save those for when I take my short walks. The only thing I didn’t opt for at that moment was a cool Peloton outfit. But something tells me I’ll be ordering that soon. No rush for now. My cycle won’t be delivered until April 11- so I still have plenty of time. Besides, no one’s going to see me at my “home gym“. Unless I invite some of my girlfriends over and it turns into “Lin’s Gym“. Hey ladies anyone up for a Peloton ride? BYOS (Bring Your Own Shoes).

Wishing you Love and Luxury,


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