I’ve decided that what a woman needs is more pampering and less stress..oh is that already a “thing“?  Well apparently with three sons and a husband it’s not enough of “a thing” in my lifeSo I utilized my GILT app and purchased a gift certificate to the Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge  in Beverly Hills. I have these two young ladies to thank for opening the nail bar in 2014, Limor Rad and Jennifer Poura who fulfilled their dream of a boutique salon with the feel of luxury while keeping it in range of affordability. Needless to say I found a great opportunity for a manicure and a pedicure for $25, yes mani and pedi; $25 for both. In Beverly Hills, atmosphere without the price tag. Score.

And then I did with any smart overworked, over-stressed and at the moment slightly underappreciated mom would do, I grabbed a friend and I headed out for a girls spa day.
My good friend Katina, who I haven’t seen in a good while, although we were neighbors and used to live just next-door to each other though she’s recently moved a little further away agreed to go with me. We keep in contact through social media but it’s not the same thing as hanging out. In my opinion almost anyone would agree with that.
About a week before we were scheduled to go on our beauty rendezvous, Katina and I spent the day together on a secret mission. I’m planning to break back into the beauty business:read makeup artist, and so we had an appointment to keep that she assisted me with. (Top Secret).
During our ladies day at the mall we stepped into SEPHORA where we were perusing all of the beauty wares and such and while we were chatting she mentioned that her birthday was coming up which is how we got on to talking about the Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge when I suggested that she come along.
I thought it would make a wonderful impromptu birthday gift since I had the tickets laying around. Actually, I previously purchased them for for myself and another friend to go. When she couldn’t make it after several attempts I finally gave up. I suggested that Katina go with me. She had heard of the boutique salon and was reeling at the chance to go! She’d read about it, scoped pictures and saw what an awesome place it was, and was all out excited by the whole adventure to come. Not a hard sell and I could tell by Katina’s genuine enthusiasm that it was written in the cards this is how it was meant to be anyway.
Now unfortunately the day that our drive in arrived wasn’t the most inspiring one of all, in fact it started off pretty much gray, overcast and dreary. But that didn’t stop us, we were in high spirits, the trade off was we were getting out of San Pedro. Not that San Pedro is bad, I’m just painting a picture of a change in scenery; something different..another experience. We were taking a long drive hopefully free of bad traffic into Beverly Hills. And we had some good tunes coming in via my Apple Music and Bluetooth, and hey two friends catching up, yeah!
So we arrive and this place is everything you thought it would be, bright, airy, it even smells good for a nail salon/skin and hair bar. It’s an elective blend of all these things. Everyone’s busying about, uptempo yet not overwhelming music playing, and just an overall friendly atmosphere. We were pleasantly greeted soon as we walked in and asked to choose our polishes. We decided that although we had certificates for mani-pedi’s we were going to do upgrades. Hey, it’s not every day you come into Beverly Hills. Katina opted to do gel nails since she works in a profession where her nails have to withstand something durable and I decided I wanted nail art designs; rhinestones and a silver tipped French mani. I chose a really subtle mauve nude that I paired with the silver stripe on the tip and then I saw that the manicurist had a really cool accent nail that was encrusted with rhinestones, well you know I had to have that! Hers were gold but to complement my silver strip I went with white crystals. It was a great match. For my toes I chose a glittering turquoise blue. Deep like the pools of the ocean but with a shimmering of a mermaids scales. I need that color on everything!
When I was shown to my seat I thought I was going to pass out! Was this thrown/chair really for pedicures? It looks like a chair that you should have in your parlor at home. But when you look down and see the foot basin you know it’s time for you to sit down and have your tootsies pampered. In other words… its time for business to begin. But before they do, first things first, instead of picking up the same utensils they used on “Sally-Sue” they pull out brand spanking new ones from a sealed plastic wrap. Everything is sanitary down to the water and basin your hands and feet are soaking in. Kudos!
And with two people working on you at once time goes by so fast! I love the way they cut down on time constraints by combining two services at the same time. But just as much you’re thinking  how can I conjure up the slow-mo juju? I know I was already making plans for my next trip in  my head.
Katina and I tried to keep tabs on each other but with the two of us blissfully being cared for we were in our own little world, respectfully. We were so busy enjoying the process and taking in the opulent surroundings; there was a striking contrast from the black glistening chandeliers and the bright white leather sofas that were adorned with their own crystal embedded studs and the way we were constantly being catered to was unbelievable. They offered us tea,champagne and their very own bottled water!
                         Above Photos Credit Linda Jamison
Above Photo Credit Katina Midori-Kaliterna           Above: Katina Midor-Kaliterna smiling for the camera, her beautiful gel nails and up front as we took turns posing in the chairs.
All and all this was an exceptional experience and a great way to take us into the holidays. I’m glad we had a chance to get here before the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping and busyness set in.
What kind of special things did you get a chance to do before during and after Christmas? This won’t be the last time that I step foot (you see what I just did there) into the Nail Bar and Beauty Lounge. When you find a good thing you stick with it. Next time I might bring my husband. Hey, I  like to share the love.

Wishing you Love and Luxury and Happy Holidays!!



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