Well here we are… the day after the Nars Masterclass and what a time I had! However,all the while leading up to this I thought I would be attending the event alone and that would have been fine but isn’t playing in makeup made just a little bit more interesting when you’re with a friend? So just the day before I remembered a friend of mine that I knew would really enjoy the evening festivities and I checked in to see if she’d like to join me-and this friend being a fellow makeup junkie like myself was totally game.

The two and a half hour session was led by Los Angeles Lead Trainer, Jeremy Hernandez and he is amazing! When he entered the room, there was an immediate burst of energy, his wide smile and big brown eyes lit up the room and I knew this was going to be a night not only filled with informative quips about the latest Nars trends but an intimate beauty session filled with laughs and newfound passion for a brand that honestly I hadn’t given enough “love” to previously. Not to say I never used Nars products before last night, I’ve always been obsessed with their makeup but for some reason I’ve never sat down with an artist and connected with the line like I did yesterday.

Coming into a masterclass as a fellow makeup artist you have preconceived notions that it’s all the same-meaning you think you have a full view of what’s to be expected but that wasn’t the case at all. Nars does quite a few things differently than what I’ve been taught and the way that I practice the application of makeup. And although some similarities will exist between makeup lines most often what makes them unique is their philosophy. For instance, Nars has based their individual philosophy on practices instilled in the company by their creater Francois Nars, who believes that your best makeup is only as good as the skin underneath. He also believed in keeping your routine simple but not boring.Which is why the brand is stock full of high pigment lip,eye and cheek colors but the foundations are buildable. Nars also stressed that makeup should never be mask-like so you will probably never see a Nars model overly contoured.And with that the first thing we learned was to prep our skin with Nars Skin, the brands treatment line is co-developed by Sheseido which is the oldest beauty brand on the market.

To get started we cleared away any impurities with Makeup Removing Water a soap-free,oil-free and alchohol free tonic that cleanses your skin with out stripping your natural moisture. I immediately fell head-over-heels for this product and as such marked on my list of take-homes. Next we used the Multi-action Hydrating Toner which revives lackluster skin by gently exfoliating and speeding up natural cell turnover with a combination of fruit extracts while Wild rose extract calms and soothes. And the last step in our priming was to choose a moisturizer. Since I fall just short of normal skin with a tendency to go dry in the Fall and Winter months I chose Luminous Moisture Cream  whose antioxidant rich (thanks to Omega-3 ceramides) velvety texture was instantly absorbed by my thirsty skin. Now my skin was ready for embellishment.

I usually use the All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Syracuse but that day I tried Velvet Matte Skin Tint in Cuba. I wasn’t expecting this lightweight formula to give me much payoff but boy was I wrong! Although it is ultimately sheerer than the ADLW foundation it still covered well and the color was spot on! We moved on to contour and highlight, which to be honest isn’t something that I emphasize for daily wear but it was still nice to see what options were available. Jeremy demonstrated using the Ita Kabuki Brush which contributed a flawless application of bronzer in one fell swoop. I didn’t buy it but it’s definitely on my list. I finished up my cheeks with a staple- Nars Blush in Orgasm.

Next we started on eyes and this to me was where the fun really kicked in- I get really excited about color.And fittingly, Jeremy encouraged us to experiment with the colors we’d chosen.But before beginning I prepped my lids with Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base  to give them the ideal staying power. Especially with my left eye, which lately has been causing me great distress. It constantly weeps, and as such I’m always wiping my eye and any product off of it.My ophthalmologist suggested that I have dry eyes and offered artificial tear drops as a remedy but the problem still persists. So this is a must if I’m going to attempt to wear shadow. I also found what to me is now the gold standard as far as corrective concealers go, I fell in love with Radiant Creamy Concealer in my perfect shade, Biscuit.Now that my complexion was set I chose two shades for my lids starting with Dual Intensity Eyeshadow in Europa, a soft shell pink with sheen which I applied with a wet brush for extra intensity all over and then I softly smoked my eyes with Mekong a deep smokey brown with black micro glitter flecks. It almost goes on like a singed carbon brown.

We finished up with lips and I actually surprised myself by diving right in and going bold. Typically I always veer towards a nude, especially if my shadow colors are deep and dark but this time I went with a suitable Fall berry shade. I started with Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Damned to lay the canvas and set the outline and then tried a new product in their line-up called Velvet Lip Glide in Toy.

After all was said and done I was ever pleased with the turnout. And unfortunately, my credit card felt the brunt of that pleasure as well.I did some major damage-see below. Now I really hope that I can go on using my products, with my teary eye and all. Upon leaving I was instilled with this one last thought about  Francois Nars and that is that beauty truly is an attitude and that we all have at least one defining characteristic, makeup should only enhance that.

The NARS POWERFALL CAMPAIGN Photos from Nordstrom.com

Above:Me with the artist, Jeremy working on my friend and the haul. This was by far a wonderful experience and it was just the pick-me-up I need to restore my creative flow and get back into makeup artistry.

Wishing you all Love and Luxury,


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