September 28,2016

This just in!

So I signed up for Rocksbox on a Friday and received it on a Monday! Not too bad for delivery I would have to say, in fact I am very pleasantly surprised. And then let me tell you about the presentation, the most beautiful box in slate blue wrapped up in a pretty little peach bow! I simply adore it! You almost don’t want to open it it’s that cute but of course curiosity is begging you to do so.

So what exactly is Rocksbox,  you ask? Rocksbox is a monthly premium jewelry subscription service- (You’ll pay $19 a month) that sends you awesome designer baubles and let’s you “borrow” them and try them out and if you love them (and you probably will) you can purchase them at an incredible members price (discounted from a retail price). If not you can swap them for different pieces to try and fall in love with any time you like! They offer free prepaid shipping both ways which makes the swapping extra easy!

The founder of Rocksbox, Meghan Rose created her company to fulfill a need of her own; based on the fact that she loved wearing new jewelry but but didn’t like the idea of stacking up items she only wore a few times. With that she grew on the foundation to provide a service that could offer women an opportunity to experience new and exciting products all the time! It’s a win-win! You never get bored because you’re always trying something new or maybe you’re finding  pieces that fits your lifestyle completely!

This is my first box so I’m just feeling the process out but I’m really geeked! How nice would it be to be able to try out a Chanel bag or Hermes? What if they offered a subscription serviceNow that I bet we would all sign up for!



Above: From left to right, Gorjana Mika Lariat Necklace, Gorjana Pierce Ear Climbers and Slate Daphne Triangle Pendant

Below: as worn on me…

Now instantly you might notice that my crawlers are flipped the other way-this is because on my left ear lobe, the middle piercing is too small for the post and wouldn’t allow me to insert it. Also my bottom piercing is too low, they ended up drooping down. They looked cute but didn’t give the “crawler” effect. So I had to improvise a little bit, nonetheless I still love them! And on the right side I’m wearing them with a pearl earring that I lost the mate to years ago (don’t worry Rocksbox I keep a close eye on my things these days-I’m like hawk-eye).

I also layered both necklaces together with an existing one, a diamond bezel that I got from my husband as my first Mother’s day present as a newlywed. I’m not sure if I love them together seeing them in the photographs, although I do like layering pieces. I think maybe more “like pieces” would have worked better, meaning closer in lengths. And another thing is I’m more of a chunky jewelry kind of girl (and I will express this in my notes next time) I felt the need to see more impact from them than wearing them alone would give.

It’s an individual attitude in style and one that you’ll easily be able to express with the versatility this subscription affords. That in itself makes it worth it to me.

So what do you all think? Will you be likely to try Rocksbox in the near future? Have you already tried it? Let me know in the comments below.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,





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