Hello everyone!

Here is the questionnaire that asks what would you do and how far would you go to acquire the most coveted luxury item or items in your life? What motivates you to shop and what gives shopping and things meaning in your life? Why do we (extravagant consumers) as much as I despise that term, do what we do? And why do some not think it’s as important to them as it is to us? The purpose for this project is that I would like to write an essay that somehow sheds a little more light on the subject and I would like to get a firsthand account from more than just my own perspective.

So I am gathering information from other like-minded individuals like myself who are at times just as perverse and impulsive of a shopper as I am and at other times a cultivating planner waiting for that perfect opportunity to snag the dream object you’ve always wanted.


If that’s you then I’d like to hear from you. Tell me why you have to hunt down that secret sale or why you covet that luxury bag, why dressing your home is just as important as dressing your wardrobe. It’s all relevant. I hope to broaden the scope and find a multitude of motives and I know they won’t all be material, I know my reasons are not. Try to use your best words to truly describe how you feel about one of the most personal activities that we often embark upon in our everyday life.Share with me. This form will be open from September 20 through December 31. At that time I will close the form and gather the entries as I would like to begin working on the essay. I will assign everyone a “ghost” name as I will be quoting some of the information acquired from the entries.However, no one’s real name will be used as the information is sensitive and personal. If you would like to participate please send all completed entries via email to info@lindajamison.com no later than Dec 31, 2016.

  1. What is your favorite luxury item?
  2. When you were first introduced to shopping? By whom?
  3. What was your first real luxury shopping experience?
  4. How do you do most of your shopping for clothing/merchandise? Online? Brick and mortar?
  5. How often do you shop, (not counting bare necessities)?
  6. Who are your favorite designers? Why are you influenced by them? 
  7. What was the most coveted item that you can remember desiring and when did you acquire it or are you still waiting to acquire it?
  8. In your opinion what gives things meaning?
  9. Does buying something necessarily give it value? How much an item cost?
  10. How far would you go to acquire a luxury product? How far would you travel to acquire an item that you desired?  Limited edition item?
  11. How much money do you spend in a month on luxury products, shoes, makeup, accessories, etc?
  12. What is your current occupation?
  13. What influences your shopping or whether you will make a purchase, i.e social media, digital media, magazines, friends, street style?
  14. Have you ever over spent on a luxury item/items to the point of exhausting your reserve funds?
  15. What do you think the social impact is on women/men who shop for luxury products verses those who shop for lesser quality products?
  16. In your opinion, purveyors of the lesser quality brands, do you think they simply are not aware of designer brands, out of necessity or would rather see their money go on more sustainable goods? 
  17. What role/influence does one’s environment (past or present)/upbringing have on the way a person shops for their clothing? Furnishes their home? Where they dine? Books they read? How they live in general?
  18. Fulfillment means__________________________.
  19. Luxury should always_________________________.
  20. Fashion is____________________________________________________________.
  21. If you take yourself too seriously______________________.
  22. If you take life too seriously________________________________________.
  1. Things can bring enjoyment and pleasure but______________________________________.
  1. You can never have too much_________________________.
  1. Another word for decadence would be_____________.
  1. I’d go out of my way for________________.    

Thank you all in advance! I hope for this to be a very exciting project and I’m very much anticipating the results of it’s outcome!

Wishing you all Love and Luxury!


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