Hard Candy had a strong following back in the day and I remember helping to push the brand during it’s start up phase when I worked at Bloomingdales.

Now  Dineh Mohajer co-founder of that breakout creation has another lovechildSmith and Cult, that she’s partnered to cultivate with her long time friend Jeanne Chavez also a founding partner of the former cosmetic line. For now the collection of Smith and Cult consists solely of a ultra high shine lip lacquer, lip stain and nail lacquer but if the self proclaimed “beauty junkie” has anything to do with this going forward I’m certain the line will progress with a full spectrum of products to obsess over. 

I myself waited way too long to order my first batch of nail lacquer and a sultry gloss. I scoped the brand out via THE ZOE REPORT months ago but I kept putting it off. There are so many things in my “I want this list.” it doesn’t even make sense. I feel like an air traffic controller; lining up the flights for takeoff and landings. But when I finally made up my mind I was immediately sold on the packaging alone. Yeah, I’m an aesthetics gal all the way. The bottle that the Nailed Lacquer is packaged in was extremely well conceived. The top was designed to look as if it was intentionally hammered and the bottle is made of heavy duty glass. It was so heavy. But in a good way. And The Shining Lip Lacquer tube is just as sturdy and fine. It looks like you’re pulling a piece of art from your makeup bag. My goodies finally arrived yesterday and let me say it was a fine, fine day indeed!





Blazer Forever 21 similar here and here and here  Floral print t shirt (out of stock) similar inspiration here
 James Jeans here  Louis Vuitton Bag Classic Speedy 35 here and Birkenstock Gizeh sandals here Sunglasses Celine Tilda here

And the goods I procured…without further ado….



I fell in love with Hi-Speed Sonnet  $22. I just love this juicy melon color! It was lovelier than expected, it has to be described as a pinky- golden apricot. It wears pretty well having a pretty decent color payoff, somewhere between semi-sheer and sheer depending on how much you goop on. If you accent it with a lip liner you can definitely stretch out the color payoff. And the scent is pure heaven with a smell reminiscent of vintage Bazooka bubble gum. Love this stuff!

And the NAILED LACQUER  $18 in Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow (I’m going to stop RIGHT there…how uber cool is that name) is exactly as described- “ultra fine pink and silver glitter suspended in a clear base” that just about sums it up in a nutshell. It so simple and yet, it’s glitter people! Yesterday, my son Caden said that the air I and some of my fashion friends breathe is different than the air most people breathe – it’s glitter oxygen! Ha!


More Colors to make you swoon…..Vegas Post Apocalyptic, Dirty Baby and Dark Like Me. You have to visit the Smith and Cult website if only for purely artistic and visual incentive. But I promise even if at first you don’t pull that trigger, you’ll be back……



Wishing you Love and Luxury,


*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.

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