Parisian fashion brand KENZO will collaborate with H&M on a collection to debut for Fall 2016 in November.

Well the heat has died down to a simmer since the Balmain merge last winter and next in line is Kenzo! I love that main stay retailers are jumping on board with high-end designers to bring a little bit of their world to the masses. Now this concept isn’t new, merchants have been adept to this model for some time now. It makes a great deal of business sense on their end and I have to imagine that they have half a brain in knowing that they are catering to the likes of the fashion starved as well. It makes the unattainable seem a little less so…and for a those of us who still crave the luxury of a finely crafted frock but simply find the price out of reach this option brings the unfeasible opportunity back into play.

Read more about the coming KENZO X H&M collection here



And the countdown begins…

Wishing you Love and Luxury,


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