Hi there everyone! I know it’s been a couple of days since my last post and this one will be short. I’ve been a little under the weather as of late. Today I finally felt a bit better and even got myself up and out to the gym…I will admit it was a bit premature of a decision to act on but nonetheless, I went. Also, while back at home as usual after sitting down to my ritual of scouring the net for some delectable finds, I stumbled across the daintiest pair of gold bar earrings. Now these have been on trend alert for some time and I honestly don’t know what has taken me so long to harness a pair of my own. They’re actually more than just a passing phase if you ask me because of their basic shape, modest size and quality material (mine are fashioned in 18 karat gold over sterling silver) I think they make the absolute staple piece to keep from year to year. They pretty much pair with almost any outfit. If you are like me and have been eyeing them from afar but never pulled the trigger Nordstrom Rack has them for an incredible price; $17! At the time of this post there were only a few pairs in stock so hurry. Also check Bloomingdales, who stocks them as well but at their regular selling price of $40.

Argento Vivo Staight Bar Earrings.jpg Nordstrom Rack

Shop Nordstrom Rack for Argento Vivo Straight Bar Earrings

Shop Bloomingdales for Argento Vivo  Straight Bar Earrings



Who says luxury has to cost a fortune? Happy Shopping!!

Wishing you Love and Luxury,




*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.

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