Month: May 2016


Hard Candy had a strong following back in the day and I remember helping to push the brand during it’s start up phase when I worked at Bloomingdales. Now  Dineh Mohajer co-founder of that breakout creation has another lovechild, Smith and Cult, that she’s partnered to cultivate with her long time friend Jeanne Chavez also a founding partner of the former cosmetic line. For now the collection of Smith and Cult … Read More SMITH AND CULT


Thursday  May 26,2016   PHOTO CREDIT DIOR/MTV   Straight from my TWITTER feed comes the news that Ms. Ri Ri is at it again. In a previous post Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast she showed her design spirit for sneaks with the PUMA FENTY TRAINERS. And later the ever selling out Fenty Creepers (I’d post a purchase link but as of this publishing there’s … Read More THAT’S SO 80’S: RIHANNA and DIOR


THIS JUST IN….. Parisian fashion brand KENZO will collaborate with H&M on a collection to debut for Fall 2016 in November. Well the heat has died down to a simmer since the Balmain merge last winter and next in line is Kenzo! I love that main stay retailers are jumping on board with high-end designers to bring a little bit of their world to the … Read More KENZO X H&M

Delicate Things

You know that euphoric feeling you get when you discover that certain brilliant object that just captures your heart and sends you into a sudden tailspin? Well that’s the exact feeling I experienced upon the arrival of my Argento Vivo bar earrings. Immediately after putting them on I felt a sense of subtle luxe and a simple pleasure all in one. This then lead me … Read More Delicate Things

Argento Vivo

Hi there everyone! I know it’s been a couple of days since my last post and this one will be short. I’ve been a little under the weather as of late. Today I finally felt a bit better and even got myself up and out to the gym…I will admit it was a bit premature of a decision to act on but nonetheless, I … Read More Argento Vivo

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