What is it that makes a thing stand out amongst all other things?


Is is it it’s shape, form, function or a combination of the three? When it comes to sunglasses there’s really no denying that their only true function is to shield ones eyes from the blaring effects of the sun, the other more aesthetic purpose therefore is simply to make you look good. But what if simply looking good isn’t what the moment call for? What if you’re looking to make a statement? Well then you need a piece that does exactly that. And judging by the overly imaginative design crafted in these offerings shown below, it seems you’re given the best of both worlds.

Anna Karin Karlsson Lusciousness and Wings Sunglasses

Anna-Karin Karrlson’s  Butterfly Cat Eye Sunglasses speak volumes without saying a word. Trimmed in 24 karat gold plated hardware they are a true novelty. You may just want to wear them once and then put them on a shelf and just admire them. They’re like a piece of art!

Kuboraum Eyewear $866

From design brand KUBORAUM these CHAIN EMBROIDERED SUNGLASSES  help you channel your inner rock-n- roll persona. Serve it with a side dish of attitude but keep it classy.




Here  buffalo horn  sunnies are given a semi hexagonal shape in this unique design by RIGARDS. This lightweight, beautiful and luxurious material is crafted into a distinctive piece of eye wear that will yield a wealth of compliments.


Lida Farrow x Matthew Williamson Removable Flip Aviator Shades $345


Linda Farrow X Matthew Williamson brings a whole new game-changer  with their      REMOVABLE FLIP AVIATOR SHADES  . These could very well become my new darlings.  I’m telling you, I took one look at that etched gold leaf and fell heart first! If one could see life through rose colored glasses….


Self Portrait X Le Specs

This bold statement piece is the result of a collaboration by Le Specs X Self Portrait. The dramatic cat eye is a meld of mod and retro all at once. With a milky white face and a matte blush outer rim the contrast on this pair of shades adds even more exuberance to it’s already inimitable design.


So, are you ready to stand out this summer? Then let your shades do the talking! Or maybe a cool bag or a sleek pair of sandals. Whatever you’re in the mood for, make it something unique but be sure it caters to your individual style, of course.


Wishing you Love and Luxury,



*Due to circumstances beyond my control some links may point to items that are no longer in stock at the time you are ready to purchase. I apologize in advance for the inconvenience. The items depicted on my page are in no way shape or form gratis or compensation for advertisement but simply items of interest to me personally that I have chosen to share on my site. All photo credits (except where noted) are the property of the retail sites from which the products are derived.



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