Month: April 2016


Forage /fôrij,ˈfärij/   (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions. I may have just found my new best friend. And it comes in a bottle. Now I’m no self proclaimed foodie but I do know when something tastes good. And although not new to the market it is new to me because my local grocer has just begun shelving this … Read More FORAGER

Coffee Girl

Coffee Girl by luxestyle featuring sterling silver stud earrings Coffee t Bebe cropped Vans kohl Kate Spade I Love Ugly water resistant Sterling silver stud

THE STANDOUT: Statement Shades

What is it that makes a thing stand out amongst all other things?   Is is it it’s shape, form, function or a combination of the three? When it comes to sunglasses there’s really no denying that their only true function is to shield ones eyes from the blaring effects of the sun, the other more aesthetic purpose therefore is simply to make you … Read More THE STANDOUT: Statement Shades

Want some recognition and gain followers?


Singer Halsey signed on a while back to collaborate on an online only limited edition lipstick for MAC but I just ordered it. It arrived yesterday and I tried it out. Although this silver grey, also named for her kept with the muted tones I’m usually accustomed to, it was an experiment (at least for lip color) even for me. The pictures below show how … Read More HALSEY X MAC COSMETICS


Saturday April 16,2016 When it comes to motivating oneself for the rigors of the exercise element one factor stands out for sure and aside from the mental preparedness that is the first you’ll have to attain;the other is what to wear? Picking out a workout ensemble that is both functional as well as fun can make the the difference between doing something begrudgingly (or … Read More IVY PARK by BEYONCE

COACHELLA : The Live Streams

I never do two posts in one day but with the festival going on in full swing it felt right, almost necessary. So here’s a really brief post to for all of us out there who couldn’t make it out to a festival but are dying to hear and see one of our favorite bands perform. Coachella’s website is doing a live stream of … Read More COACHELLA : The Live Streams

Coming Soon: Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder

Friday April 15,2016 So it was announced this morning through different media outlets that designer and style icon Victoria Beckham will mesh forces with mega beauty powerhouse Estee Lauder to create a limited edition makeup line. Known for her simplistic but well lived aesthetic in clothing, if the beauty line should mirror this way of thinking it will no doubt yield a sublime product. … Read More Coming Soon: Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder

Scent of Influence: Diana Vreeland

Fragrances fill the senses with the mysterious- Diana Vreeland When you think of the inspiration behind a scent you most often imagine the subject’s personality and qualities and wonder how that spirit will translate into the fragrance itself. You may picture the background and guesswork that goes into creating an essence must be a pretty detailed and complicated process. It is. It used to take a … Read More Scent of Influence: Diana Vreeland

My Ex Just Called

My Ex Just Called by luxestyle featuring earrings jewelry Issey Miyake sleeveless Zara Billabong strap Neiman marcus Blue Nile 14k ABS by Allen Schwartz Kenneth Jay Lane earrings

My Ex Just Called

My Ex Just Called by luxestyle featuring zara jeans Issey Miyake sleeveless Zara Billabong strap Neiman marcus Blue Nile 14k ABS by Allen Schwartz Kenneth Jay Lane earrings

Pure Poetry

Pure Poetry by luxestyle featuring 18 karat gold earrings Bebe lacy Balmain short Erdem jacquard Accessorize t strap mary Yves Saint Laurent white shoulder handbag$1,820 – Ippolita teardrop Irene Neuwirth 18 karat gold Gold wrist watch$130 –

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