Monday March 28,2016


You’d be surprised at what you might find at a place designed for the mind of a child.Upon a recent trip to the Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana,CA I was led upon a path of color and animated mechanisms I hadn’t thought would hold my attention for any length of time let alone amuse me in any sort of way, but they did. I captured some of it on film.

Abstract view Inside the Discovery Cube

An abstract view from inside the Discovery Cube.



Angles and color from my perspective.

IMG_0456 (1)



Cardigan Mossimo here T shirt similar here and here  Jeans Mavi similar here and here and here  On toes: ESSIE FROCK N ROLL


Simulated Rocket Launch

Simulated rocket launch.

FullSizeRender (1)

Abstract Interpretation of the Inside of a Dinosaur.

In the following shots I’m obsessed with the feel of movement…the flow of my footsteps, additionally the grainy blurriness of the photo is almost intended….



Shapes….and shadows.


Texture….. A child’s hand beside a dinosaur egg.

Again, I am amazed at what a little exploration can do for the creative process and not so much in that it necessarily boldly presents one with immediate content but it does elevate your senses so that you are at the least inspired to act on that desire and inspiration.

Wishing you Love and Luxury,



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