Saturday March 26,2016

Every once in awhile you need to break away from the everyday routine and your immediate confines and get some “fresh air”, so that’s exactly what I did Thursday. My family and I took a drive down the coast to San Diego to dine on some great seafood fare at Edgewater Grill and browse the shops of Seaport Village. I hadn’t been to San Diego in so many years and a lot has changed. In addition to the great views and beach vibe of the pier we later headed over to the Gaslamp District for a bit of culture enhancement. I was totally enchanted by the raw, metro message the the dingy well traveled streets were sending me but my boys (at least my 12 -year old was a little uneasy). I’m a city girl by nature so the call of the urban wild is one that I heed to without any hesitation whatsoever.


Fried Calamari Edgewater Grill Seaport Village

First course appetizer, fried calamari…this was as fresh and delicious as could be; the fishing boats going out daily for the catch.

Grilled Mahi-mahi Tacos Edgewater Grill Seaport Village

Next up…my grilled Mahi-mahi tacos. Now these may not have been far superior to the ones had by my dear friend Jessica indulged upon on her honeymoon in Hawaii some years ago but honestly I was quite satisfied.


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Leaving the restaurant ….I know we’ll be back soon.



Some stops and shops along the way in Seaport Village.


San Diego Pier Cafe

Pier Cafe at Seaport Village





IMG_0354 (1)


ESSIE Nail color in Pool Side Service


We went in search of something decadently sweet and found this place by sheer accident or was it fate?  Frost Me Gourmet Cupcakes was the winner of the Food Network’s season 9 Cupcake Wars show. After trying four of their specialty flavors (between myself and my three sons…c’mon people) I can see why.

IMG_0360Blueberry Hazelnut Cupcake Frost Me

Double Chocolate Ganache Cupcake Frost Me

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake  Frost Me



Some other tasteful offerings by Frost Me and the partial remains of my Caramel Cashew Orange Zest cupcake.


MAC Store Gaslamp District San Diego, CA

No words…. we were on a time crunch so I had to restrain myself. It was so hard. MAC was my home for so long after working for the brand for almost five years. It’s almost impossible not to walk inside a store when I’m confronted with one. I have a loyalty to this product line that is second to none. This MAC is located on Fifth Ave. near Harbor Dr. in the Gaslamp District. I love how they have the sentry at the door…so posh.


I miss the metropolitan essence of city dwelling. This area gives off an uptown beat similar to that of  Old Town or the Wrigleyville area in Chicago. There’s a multitude of old architecture and refurbished structures left intact to serve a modern day purpose.IMG_0397 Brick walk.


With it almost being Easter you know we were tempted to take in the sweet delights from It’s Sugar also in the Gaslight District but we were vigilant and opted to take photo mementos instead. This turned out to be a really long day and after we left the Gaslight District we went back to Seaport Village to grab a pizza from a restaurant we thought served Chicago style deep dish. However, we were disappointed and went home empty handed except for the stop at Portillos of which I didn’t partake. By then it was late and I was exhausted even with my lovely husband doing all of the driving. There was a lot of walking and such vividness of color and texture; I had a lot to take in for one day. Keep in mind I’m a stay-at-home mom so this felt like an awakening for me. I feel like I live my life in rewind, always doing the same thing over and over. I needed this to recharge my battery and give my creative senses a boost as well as my page some interesting content. I’m glad I could share it with you!

Wishing you Love and Luxury ,




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