Tuesday, March 15, 2016

So, if you’ve read any of my past posts you’ve probably ascertained the fact that although my first love is to the neutral palette I still gravitate to pops of color, graphic prints and abstract patterns from time to time. Blending these color schemes in clothing is an everyday accomplishment met with no great amount of toil but adding personality to my nails, well that begs to differ, considerably. I find it an ever consistent hassle to manage the upkeep of even basic colors, so doing something dramatic like nail art seems like a step into the wild. And this coming from a former nail tech who used to perform nail art services for clients on a daily basis. Yes, some several years back I was a practicing nail technician in Chicago. I loved transforming the the simple nail color into something that more resembled a work of art or something that signified creativity, not just plain brush strokes of paint. Now as a busy mom of three, plain brush strokes seem fine.

But every now and again I revert back to the old me that needs a heightened sense of originality that can only be delivered with a dose of color and craft. My first thought was, well it will be easy if you just book an appointment with the best nail artist in town, costly but easy. But surprisingly I didn’t want it too easy and I had this overwhelming urge to fill the craving myself. So it was with a perceptiveness of adventure and exploration that I set out to attempt my hand at the skill I had voraciously put so much effort into so many years ago.

And then there were the burning questions. Did I still have what it takes? Was it like they say it is with riding a bike? Does what was learned and instilled in you just automatically come rushing back just like the initial exhilaration of wanting to get started? Well, I wouldn’t know until I had given it a shot. Here is what my curious nature and call for creative stimulation brought me.

I wanted to do something quick because lets face it with school projects, meetings to attend, errands to run and countless other family attentive duties I’m committed to  I had to think fast and on my feet…..and what do you know? Well….after some researching of nail art and trying to get some inspiration (to no avail I might add) I found myself on the page of another fellow blogger,  Ann Kim who goes by Andy Heart. I just love her sense of style and how she reflects it on her page. She keeps things simple, loves her neutrals with sudden bursts of color and texture ….hmmm sound familiar?  While I was perusing her site I stumbled on a photo of her incredible nail art courtesy of Unistella and available at Glow Recipe . Apparently the trend of virtual glass shards applied to nails has been going on for some time now….see how long I’ve been out of the game? In any case I made up my mind to try it immediately! I added some personal touches and these are my results.

First, a shout out to Glow Recipe  for their super cute handwritten ‘thank you’ card! In this day and age people still do this? I love it! This totally makes them stand out as a brand. Their website hosts a plethora of skincare products and trends from Korea and makes them easily accessible in one spot. 

Handwritten Note from Glow Recipe

Nail art with UniStella 1

Phase I 1st application of Essie Off Tropic and Cocktails and Coconuts and UniStella nail appliques.


Phase II tools includes cuticle scissors and Starbucks.

Realizing that I was not going to get the expert results I desired without my professional tools I had to “dig” through my makeup kit and locate my cuticle scissors that I use for lash application and in this case precision strip tendering. Oh how I wish I’d remembered to invest in a pair of nail tweezers, they are of the utmost essence when doing nail art. My old ones have been lost for quite some time now. They would have given me even more accuracy when applying the UniStella glass nail stickers.

Phase III ended with meshing Cocktails and Coconuts alongside the solid green nail (see far left) and the addition of gold nail stripping here . A brush of Lily Pulitzer for Essie in Golden Nuggets (on the baby finger) was limited edition similar here  and finished off with Essie Gel Setter. 

So all in all it was a success and I feel like with more preparation (read: more time, professional tools, excellent lighting,work space etc.) it would have been a major success. But I’m still pleased with my results and will probably do it again, soon. What kind of projects are you working on? Is there something you were particularly great at in the past and let go of when “life” got in the way that you’d love to revisit? I hope this post gets your gears turning to get back at it again or to try something new.


Wishing you Love and Luxury,




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