So guess what I was doing today around 10 am PST? Listening in to a lively chat with renowned makeup artist Natasha Denona on a conference call sponsored by the beauty website Beautylish. That’s what! Although I wasn’t personally able to speak with Natasha, I listened in as she shared her vision of beauty and makeup application, her personal philosophy on the cosmetics business and how she created and launched her own makeup line (available here NatashaDenona and  Beautylish ). On the call listeners were privy to have their pre-screened questions asked in-call by the two Beautylish moderators. My question pertained to her struggle or fear that she had to overcome when starting her own line. Her response?  “In the beginning you’re very skeptical as to whether you can do something. I was very determined. I was pushing myself into something I really wanted to do.”

Words spoken by someone who had a plan and executed it. 

Denona originally hails from Croatia but was raised in Aachen, Germany and started her career early on in her teens as a model. As she transitioned out of modeling she began working behind the scenes as a makeup artist, gaining notoriety at the top fashion week shows and providing support on magazine fashion shoots, landing several covers. She grew a following and popularity based on her technique for creating skin that seemed to glow from within. This, (she says) she credits from working with the “everyday woman”, the mom, the working woman, the bride, by consistently complementing a natural look it translates to freshness on film.She learned a lot about the beauty business from experience working in the field and later in 2002 started The Natsaha Denona Academy in Germany. One thing led to the next and several years later with some coaxing from her husband she decided it was time to start a cosmetics line of her own. Like many individual start ups, she too was inspired by (in her opinion), the lack of quality products in circulation.In her words, “My push was making products that weren’t already on the market.”

Seeking to find a product that performed exactly to her expectations she spent six years in development and finally three years ago was ready to present her first installment of eye shadows. A lot has transpired since then and now she has a product line up that includes a host of  items including foundation, primer, cheek colour, lip palettes, glosses and many other indispensable beauty must-haves.

After hearing from this incredible artist I have an even more inept feel and understanding of Natasha Denona’s practice and her passion for the art of makeup. I cant wait to try her Face Glow Foundation which I have heard the most amazing reviews about. And I’m sure with more perusing I’ll find there are many more things I just cant live without.

Thanks to Beautylish for an Aaaaamazing conference call!

Wishing you Love and Luxury,




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