Month: March 2016

Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

Monday March 28,2016   You’d be surprised at what you might find at a place designed for the mind of a child.Upon a recent trip to the Discovery Cube Science Center in Santa Ana,CA I was led upon a path of color and animated mechanisms I hadn’t thought would hold my attention for any length of time let alone amuse me in any sort of … Read More Discovery Cube: Shapes,Colors and Angles

A Good Day in San Diego

Saturday March 26,2016 Every once in awhile you need to break away from the everyday routine and your immediate confines and get some “fresh air”, so that’s exactly what I did Thursday. My family and I took a drive down the coast to San Diego to dine on some great seafood fare at Edgewater Grill and browse the shops of Seaport Village. I hadn’t been to … Read More A Good Day in San Diego

Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast

  Monday March 21,2016 Black on black and all black with a punch of white. That was the idea behind this photo story which was shot on location at the newly revamped Del Amo Fashion Mall in Torrance, CA. From my early days in retail working the makeup artistry circuit all black as a uniform was a common practice instilled in me. It soon became … Read More Fade to Black and A Lesson In Contrast

Lucky Finds

Thursday March 17, 2016   Today brought some little gems my way. I ordered Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist Lip Paint and it arrived today! Also, after holding it in my closet for what seems like three weeks I finally debuted my Love Moschino (although now sold out) bag and new favorite lippie in Manbun. This will be a brief post filled with mostly photo content. So here goes…. The … Read More Lucky Finds

Nailed It

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 So, if you’ve read any of my past posts you’ve probably ascertained the fact that although my first love is to the neutral palette I still gravitate to pops of color, graphic prints and abstract patterns from time to time. Blending these color schemes in clothing is an everyday accomplishment met with no great amount of toil but adding personality … Read More Nailed It

Festival Flair

Wednesday March 10,2016 Festival season 2016 is here and whether you opt for an indoor or outdoor venue it’s not just about the music. Half of the fun is getting dressed. More often than not a lot of effort goes into the preparation of your outfit. Designers are paying attention and creating more pieces suited to these occasions, no matter the feel. So if … Read More Festival Flair

The Beautylish Interview with Natasha Denona

So guess what I was doing today around 10 am PST? Listening in to a lively chat with renowned makeup artist Natasha Denona on a conference call sponsored by the beauty website Beautylish. That’s what! Although I wasn’t personally able to speak with Natasha, I listened in as she shared her vision of beauty and makeup application, her personal philosophy on the cosmetics business and … Read More The Beautylish Interview with Natasha Denona

Skin Chic

  If there’s one thing I know after working the ranks of Estee Lauder and Prescriptives for almost seven years combined, it would be how to treat your skin. Giving respect to the largest organ our bodies possess should not be a gracious extraordinary gesture saved for special occasions but instead should be a routine purpose conducted on an everyday basis. Obviously, the basics … Read More Skin Chic

Bring On the Whimsy

As a virtually conceived wearable form of art, these bags and their small leather counterparts compose an idea that form and function need not exist without beauty and charm.

Love and Luxury

  The New Order of Luxury Anyone who says they can’t be bought is lying. There I said it. Anyone who says that money can’t buy you happiness or that things can’t bring you joy has obviously never been face to face with a Hermes Birkin or the likes of an Infiniti QX80. More to the point they probably never experienced one either, never … Read More Love and Luxury

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